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Products»Net-Safety»Optical Flame (Fire) Detection
Hydrogen (H2) & Silane (H2)
Manufacturer: Net Safety

Net Safety's Hydrogen flame detectors are specially tuned for non-hydrocarbon based flame applications where accurate and instant detection of difficult to see hydrogen and silane fires is required. Our advanced optical sensors ensure the greatest degree of UV ( ultraviolet ) and IR ( infrared ) spectral bandwave matching to the radiant energy emitted by invisible hydrogen and silane flame - and the lowest degree of matching to non-fire stimuli. This provides ultra-fast alarm, an unparalleled level of false alarm immunity, as well as a Field-of-View unmatched in the industry - a full 130° horizontal!

Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the UVS-H2 and UV/IRS-H2 are engineered for extreme applications and utilize the latest in SMART microprocessor sensor technology. They're capable of stand-alone operation or can be connected to a variety of control devices to create a dependable fire monitoring system. The field user can define sensitivity and time delay settings to further enhance false-alarm immunity and the built-in testing routines ensure continuous operation.

The UVS-H2 and UV/IRS-H2 are ideally suited for any specialized applications where response time and a wide FOV are most critical ' industrial and commercial locations that utilize hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen gas generators, hydrogen refilling stations, and storage tanks as well as semiconductor facilities where silane combustion risks are present.

Net Safety's UVS-H2 and UV/IRS-H2 flame detectors are globally certified Class I, Division 1 for hazardous locations to CSA, ANSI-UL/ISA, and ATEX technical and safety standards.


  • Field of view of up to 130 degrees with <2 second response time!

  • Detects Invisible Hydrogen and Silane Flame

  • UV or UV/IR Sensor Options Available

  • Explosion-proof, Class I, Division 1 certified

  • CSA, ANSI-UL/ISA, and ATEX certified

  • Multiple Output Options - Analog, Relay, Digital RS485 Modbus RTU protocal, and HART Communication   protocal with optional ground-level HART Communicator input

  • Connect indoors and out, directly or up to 2000 feet away

  • Immune to lightning, arc welding, sunlight and hot body radiation

    (UV/IRS-H2 has higher immunity than the UVS-H2)

  • Adjustable swivel mount included

  • User programmable sensitivity and time delay settings

  • Multi-colored, high intensity LEDs

  • Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces

  • Watchdog timer monitors internal electronics


  • Hydrogen (H2) & Silane
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     Hydrogen (H2) & Silane
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