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1120 Series Differential Pressure Units

Proven and reliable sensing element available in ranges as low as 0 - 30 in w.c. or as high as 0 - 500 PSI

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The Meriam Model 1120 Differential Pressure Unit is a proven and reliable sensing element used in all Meriam Bellows Gauges. It is available in ranges as low as 0 - 30 in w.c. or as high as 0 - 500 PSI. The light weight and compact differential pressure unit incorporates a rupture-proof and leak-proof bellows plus other features that ensure ruggedness and reliability. This basic unit is suitable for activating indicators, recorders, transmitters, switches and controllers. It is also available as a separate assembly for that purpose.

The 1120 consists of a high and a low pressure bellows connected to each side of a center plate. The bellows are enclosed in end housings which in turn are bolted to the center plate. The interior of the bellows and center plate is completely filled with a clean, low freezing point, non-corrosive fill fluid. As differential pressure is applied, this fill fluid moves between the bellows through a field adjustable dampening valve in the center plate. Other external dampening devices are not required for measurements of pulsating differential pressure. Also, the Meriam 1120 incorporates a special design which completely isolates the process fluid from the center plate.

Indicator models 1123, 1124, and 1126 have 3 in, 4.5 in, and 6 in dials, respectively.  A variety of scales for different pressure, flow, and level can be supplied.

• Provides standard system accuracy
• Rupture-proof and leak-proof bellows
• Additional external dampening devices are not required for measure pulsating differential pressure
• Special design isolated the process fluid from the centre plate

Accuracy 30 in w.c. range: 1.50% FS
50 in w.c. - 500 PSID range: 0.75% FS
100 in w.c. - 50 PSID range: 0.50% FS
Operating Temperature -60F - 200F
Full Scale Displacement 30 - 130 in w.c. range: 0.19 in3
135 in w.c. - 60 PSID range: 0.12 in3
75 PSID thru 500 PSID range 0.06 in3
Dial Size 1123: 3 in
1124: 4.5 in
11226: 6 in

• Industrial process plants
• Power plants
• Pollution control facilities
• Cryogenic gas industry