` 1200 Two Pressure Humidity Generator

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1200 Two Pressure Humidity Generator

Produces accurate humidity values using the fundamental, NIST proven, two-pressure principle, 0.5 %RH uncertainty

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The Model 1200 Mini Humidity Generator produces accurate humidity values using the fundamental, NIST proven, “two-pressure” principle. The 1200 will automatically supply relative humidity, dew point, frost point, and other calculated values for instrument calibration and evaluation as well as precision environmental testing. This system automatically generates multipoint profiles as well as manually entered humidity levels, while continuously storing and printing system data.

Virtually all functions of the 1200 humidity generator are computer controlled. All desired humidities, temperatures, and time intervals may be programmed. Visual indications of system status are displayed in real time on the computer screen. The automated features of the 1200 allow the generation of known humidity levels completely unattended. This frees the operating technician from the task of monitoring and adjusting.


• 0.5 %RH Uncertainty
• Traceable to SI
• Based on NIST Proven Two-Pressure Principle
• Generate: RH, DP, FP, PPM, Multipoint Profiles
• Computerized Internal Transducer Calibration
• Computes System Uncertainties in Real Time
• Automatically Applies Enhancement Factors
• No Refrigerants - Thermoelectric Cooling/Heating
• Only 4 square feet of floor space (20" x 30 ")
• Touch-screen control
• USB and Ethernet Interface
• Oil-Less Compressed Air System w/Membrane Dryer
• 1200 Utility Cart with Power Strip

Relative Humidity Range 10 to 95%
Relative Humidity Uncertainty 0.5%
Frost Point Temperature Range 18 to 0 C
Dew Point Temperature Range 20 to 50 C
Dew Point Uncertainty 0.1 C
Chamber Temperature Range 10 to 60 C
Chamber Temperature Control Stability 0.04 C
Chamber Temperature Uniformity 0.1 C
Chamber Temperature Measurement Uncertainty 0.05 C
Chamber Temperature Cooling Rate 4 Minutes Per C Average
Chamber Temperature Heating Rate 2 Minutes Per C Average
Saturation Pressure Range Ambient to 152 psiA
Saturation Pressure Uncertainty 0.08% of FS psiA
Test Chamber Pressure Range Ambient
Test Chamber Pressure Uncertainty 0.08% of FS psiA
Display Resolution 0.01
Gas Type Air or Nitrogen
Gas Pressure Rating (MAWP) 175 psiG
Gas Flow Rate Range 2 to 10 L/min
Gas Flow Rate Resolution 0.01 L/min
Gas Flow Rate Uncertainty 1.0 L/min
Test Chamber Dimensions 6" x 6" x 6" (152 mm x 152 mm x 152 mm)
Access Port 1.688" (42.8 mm) located on right side
Physical Dimensions 11.85" H x 24.10" W x 14.11" D (30.1 cm x 61.2 cm x 35.8 cm)
Dry Weight (Generator Only) 56 lbs. (25.40 Kg)
Wet Weight (Generator Only) 65 lbs. (29.48 Kg)
Electrical Power 100/240 V, ~6/3 A, 50/60 Hz
Gas Supply 155-175 psiG @ 0.5 cfm (15 L/min)
Operating Temperature 15 to 30 C
Storage Temperature 0 to 50 C
Humidity 5 to 95% Non-condensing

Virtually any humidity and temperature may be generated within the operational limits of the generator. The output or recording of the device under test may then be compared with the generator’s data for analysis.

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers: Install the actual chilled mirror head into the chamber or insert a sample tube through the test port and draw a sample through the chilled mirror head and you can: verify mirror temperature measurement accuracy (calibration) when the hygrometer is in thermal equilibrium with its environment; perform operational checks of the heat-pump and optical components before and after mirror cleaning and balancing; determine whether the hygrometer is controlling the mirror deposit in the liquid phase or ice phase when operating at dew and frost points below 0 °C; determine if the hygrometer is correctly calculating other humidity parameters; determine the hygrometer’s repeatability, stability, and drift characteristics.

Humidity Sensors and Data Loggers: Insert your humidity probes through the chamber access port or install the data logger into the chamber and you can: determine humidity calibration accuracy and/or characterize humidity sensitivity by subjecting the humidity sensor to a variety of humidity levels; perform operational checks such as the
sensing systems capability to correctly calculate and display other humidity parameters; determine the repeatability, stability, hysteresis, and drift characteristics of various humidity sensing systems.

Environmental Testing: The 1200 can serve as a test bed for evaluation and R&D of humidity sensors, humidity sensing systems, and humidity sensitive products, e.g., polymers, composites, film, magnetic medium, pharmaceuticals, soil hydrology, consumables, electronics, optics, etc.

Made to move the Model 1200 generator more easily
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Fully enclosed compressed air supply incorporating a membrane style air dryer in a sound muffling cabinet
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Includes chamber temperature sensor with 10' cable and a 2.00" x 8.00" long stainless steel tube for humidity sensors
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Has a 6" x 6" multi pane window for viewing the entire chamber
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Has four ports measuring 1.688" (42 mm) to easily calibrate four instruments at the same time
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It can be utilized with both the 1200 generator and the ACS1210 air compressor system
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