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1502A / 1504 Tweener Thermometer Readouts

Best performance PRT and Thermistor thermometers in their price range

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One of Fluke Calibration's best-selling products is the Tweener thermometer, and there’s a reason. No other company, not one, has a reference thermometer that comes close to the performance and features of the Tweener for anywhere near its price.

Each Tweener is programmable to match a probe’s constants for maximum linearity and accuracy. All probe constants and coefficients are programmed through simple, front-panel keystrokes. Temperature is displayed in °C, °F, K, or resistance in ohms.

ITS-90 formulas reside in the Tweener’s firmware. If your probe has been calibrated for any of the above subranges of the ITS-90, you simply enter the coefficients directly into your Tweener.

Each thermometer comes complete with an RS-232 interface for automation of temperature data collection, calibrations, or process control functions. An IEEE-488 interface is available as an option.

The 1502A Tweener features a PRT readout, but if you need more accuracy in a limited temperature range, the 1504 Tweener gives it to you as a thermistor readout.

• Two Tweeners to choose from—reading PRTs (1502A) or Thermistors (1504)
• Comes complete with an RS-232 interface
• Optional IEEE-488 interface
• Both Tweener models may be used for real-time data acquisition using the 9934 LogWare
• Best performance thermometers in their price range




Temperature Range

−200°C - 962°C (−328°F - 1764°F)

Any thermistor range

Resistance Range

0 Ω - 400 Ω, auto-ranging

0 Ω - 1 MΩ, auto-ranging


Nominal RTPW: 10 Ω -  100 Ω



ITS-90 subranges 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11
IPTS-68: R0, a, d, a4, and c4
Callendar-Van Dusen: R0, a, d, and b

Steinhart-Hart thermistor polynomial
Callendar-Van Dusen: R0, a, d, and b

Resistance Accuracy
(ppm of reading)

0 Ω - 20 Ω: 0.0005 Ω
20 Ω - 400 Ω: 25 ppm

0 Ω - 5 KΩ: 0.5 Ω
5 KΩ - 200 KΩ: 100 ppm
200 KΩ - 1 MΩ: 300 ppm

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.004°C at −100°C
+/- 0.006°C at 0°C
+/- 0.009°C at 100°C
+/- 0.012°C at 200°C
+/- 0.018°C at 400°C
+/- 0.024°C at 600°C

+/- 0.002°C at 0°C
+/- 0.002°C at 25°C
+/- 0.004°C at 50°C
+/- 0.010°C at 75°C
+/- 0.020°C at 100°C
(Using 10 KΩ thermistor sensor, a = 0.04. Does not include probe uncertainty or characterization errors.)

Operating Temperature Range

16°C - 30°C

13°C - 33°C

Resistance Resolution

0 Ω - 20 Ω: 0.0001 Ω
20 Ω - 400 Ω: 0.001 Ω

0 Ω - 10 KΩ: 0.01 Ω
10 KΩ - 100 KΩ: 0.1 Ω
100 KΩ - 1 MΩ: 1 Ω

Temperature Resolution



Excitation Current

0.5 and 1 mA, user selectable, 2 Hz

2 and 10 µA, automatically selected

Measurement Period

1 s

Digital Filter

Exponential, 0 to 60 s time constant (user selectable)

Probe Connection

4-wire with shield, 5-pin DIN connector


RS-232 serial standard
IEEE-488 (GPIB) optional


8-digit, 7-segment, yellow-green LED; 0.5-inch-high characters


115 VAC (+/- 10 %), 50/60 Hz, 1 A, nominal
230 VAC (+/- 10 %), 50/60 Hz, 1 A, nominal, specify

Size (H x W x D)

61 mm x 143 mm x 181 mm (2.4 in x 5.6 in  x 7.1 in)


1.0 kg (2.2 lb.)

Probes from Fluke Calibration

5615, 5627, 5626, 5628, 5622

5640-44, 5610-65


ISO 17025-accredited calibration provided


Temperature ranges and accuracy may be limited by the sensor you use.


Carrying case for the 1502A / 1504 "Tweener" thermometer readouts
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$535.00 CAD
Spare connector for the 1502A / 1504 "Tweener" thermometer readout
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$159.00 CAD
Serial cable kit for the 1502A / 1504 "Tweener" thermometer readouts
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$120.00 CAD