` 1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester


1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester

Protect appliances, share results wirelessly, and perform seven tests with one touch

$4,090.00 CAD
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks

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The Fluke 1664FC Installation Tester is the only tester with "Insulation PreTest" which warns you about potentially serious and costly mistakes.  If the tester detects that an appliance is connected to the system under test, it stops the insulation test, helping eliminate accidental damage. The 1664FC also gives you Fluke Connect®, so you can send test results to your smartphone and collaborate with others.  Auto Test performs seven tests with one press of the button, reducing the number of manual connections and decreasing the possibility of making errors. 

Stay on the same page even when you and your team are in different places. Fluke Connect allows your 1664FC Installation Tester to send test results to your smartphone so you can connect and collaborate with others. It's the fastest way to let your team see what you see, helping you get approvals without leaving the field.

FlukeCloud™ storage allows you to retrieve stored results whether you are in the office or in the field to make decisions in real time. Plus you can import the data into Fluke DMS to process and generate certificates. Plus you get world-class data protection. Safe. Secure. Fast. More accurate. All from the power of Fluke Connect.

• Includes "Insulation Pre-test" that detects when appliances are connected to the system and stops the test
• Runs seven installation tests automatically in one sequence with a single connection through Auto Test
• Allows you to share test results in real time over your smartphone via Fluke Connect Measurements

AC Voltage Measurement


500 V


0.1 V

Accuracy (45 Hz - 66 Hz)

0.8% + 3

Input Impedance

360 kΩ

Overload Protection

660 Vrms

Continuity Testing (RLO)

Range (Autoranging)

20 Ω, 200 Ω, 2000 Ω


0.01 Ω, 0.1 Ω, 1 Ω

Open Circuit Voltage

> 4 V

Insulation Resistance Measurement (RISO)

Accuracy of tTest Voltage (at Rated Test Current)

+10%, -0%

Test Voltage

50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V

Insulation Resistance Range

20 MΩ /50 MΩ
20 MΩ / 100 MΩ
20 MΩ / 200 MΩ
20 MΩ / 200 MΩ / 500 MΩ
20 MΩ / 200 MΩ / 1000 MΩ


0.01 MΩ / 0.1 MΩ
0.01 MΩ / 0.1 MΩ
0.01 MΩ / 0.1 MΩ
0.01 MΩ / 0.1 MΩ / 1 MΩ
0.01 MΩ / 0.1 MΩ / 1 MΩ

Test current

1 mA @ 50 kΩ
1 mA @ 100 kΩ
1 mA @ 250 kΩ
1 mA @ 500 kΩ
1 mA @ 1 MΩ

Loop and Line Impedance (ZI)


10 Ω, 0.001 Ω, high current mΩ mode


0.01 Ω, 0.1 Ω, 1 Ω

Prospective Earth Fault Current, PSC Test


1000 A, 10 kA (50 kA)


1 A, 0.1 kA


Prospective earth fault current (PEFC) or Prospective short circuit current (PSC) determined by dividing measured mains voltage by measured loop (L-PE) resistance or line (L-N) resistance, respectively.

RCD Testing, RCD Types Tested

RCD Type

AC¹, G²,S³

Model 1663

A4, AC¹, G²,S³

¹Responds to AC
²General, no delay
³Time delay
4Responds to pulsed signal
5Responds to smooth DC signal

Tripping Speed Test (ΔT)

Current Settings¹

10-30-100-300-500-1000 mA – VAR
10-30-100 mA


x 1/2, x 1
x 5

Measurement Range

RCD Type G

310 ms
50 ms

RCD Type S

510 ms
160 ms

¹1000 mA type AC only
700 mA maximum type A in VAR mode
VAR mode not available for type B.

RCD/FI-Tripping Current Measurement/Ramp Test (IΔN)

Current Range

30% to 110% of RCD rated current¹

Step Size

10% of IΔN²

Dwell Time

Type G

300 ms/step

Type S

500 ms/step

Measurement Accuracy

+/- 5%

Specified Trip Current Ranges (EN 61008-1)

50% - 100% for Type AC
35% - 140% for Type A (> 10 mA)
35% - 200% for Type A (≤ 10 mA)
50% - 200% for Type B
²5% for Type B

¹30% - 150% for Type A IΔN > 10 mA
30% - 210% for Type A IΔN = 10 mA
20% - 210% for Type B

Earth Resistance Test (RE)


200 Ω / 2000 Ω


0.1 Ω / 1Ω


128 Hz

Output Voltage

25 V

General Specifications

Size (L x W x H)

10 cm x 25 cm x 12.5 cm

Weight (Including Batteries)

1.3 kg

Battery Size, Quantity

Type AA, 6 ea.




Complies with EN61010-1 Ed 2.0 (2001-02), UL61010, ANSI/ISA –s82.02.01 2000 and CAN/CSA c22.2 No. 1010 2nd edition


CAT III / 500V; CAT IV 300V


EN61557-1 to EN61557-7 Second Edition and EN61557-10 Second Edition




Slim remote control probe with test buttons keeps your eyes on the panel while probing hard-to-reach points
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$186.00 CAD
Installation tester main power cord for 1660 series (North American plug)
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$137.00 CAD