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Improve Operational and Staff Efficiency: Easily Upgrade Your Old Room Pressure Monitors

Date: 2/20/2019

Is your facility deploying valuable resources cleaning your existing hot-wire pressure monitors to remove contaminants from the sensor? Are you even cleaning it to ensure its working properly? Setra now has an easy way to replace these units; use Setra’s Hot-wire Replacement Kit. The installation snaps over what you already have in place, doesn’t require construction, and can be done in minutes.

Stop wasting time on the preventative maintenance of hot-wire sensors, and get your team doing more important things


No Construction Needed

Setra's hot-wire replacement kit replaces your existing monitors in under 30 minutes per unit.

• Attaches to existing sensor housing and wall box
• Includes Setra's dead-ended, maintenance-free sensor
• Specifications match or exceed existing legacy monitors