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5 Keys to Unlocking Your Calibration Needs

Posted: 9/14/2021
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If a measurement is important to your process, then accuracy is the standard you never stop chasing.

Whether it’s aeronautics or food and beverage, any industry that uses instruments to measure a difference between certain outputs requires incredibly high and consistent levels of precision during the production processes to meet international quality standards.

Take temperature sensors, for example. Common in applications ranging from HVAC to biotech, even a 0.1°C misalignment can negatively impact the finished product.

Similarly, thermo hygrometers are relied upon to measure different ranges of humidity and temperature in everything from refrigerated transport to product warehouses. Yet if a sensor is not aligned correctly, then it could lead to equipment failure, product loss, recalls and reputational risk.

That’s where calibration services come in. To mitigate instruments from drifting outside of a manufacturer’s performance specifications due to the environment, electrical supply or process changes, operators need to have them recalibrated, either once a year or at a pre-defined frequency.

Here are five keys to unlocking your calibration needs with Alpha Controls & Instrumentation:

1.    Trained and certified

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation has been specializing in calibration services for more than 30 years. Our in-house team of fully trained metrologists use MET/CAL calibration management software to offer quick-turnaround calibration services for temperature, humidity, electrical, pressure, particles, gas, dew point, flow and analytical.

Alpha is accredited to stringent ISO/IEC 17025 (scope # 2260.01) set by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), as well as ISO 9001:2015 for quality management processes.

2.    From our lab to your site

Not all instruments can be sent out for calibration. In these cases, Alpha will come to you. From Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, our team offers coast-to-coast on-site calibration services that mitigates downtimes, reduces the need for spare parts and eliminates the high costs associated with disassembling and transporting those instruments.

3.    Diverse industry experience

When it comes to calibration services, Alpha works with customers in a variety of industries, notably pharmaceutical, aerospace, food and beverage and automotive. Alpha’s diverse set of certifications distinguish us from others in the industry, and gives us the ability to operate in industries where ISO/IEC 17025 is required.

4.    One-stop shop

In addition to standard calibration procedures, Alpha also offers a one-stop shop for any calibration work that needs to be shipped outside of our lab – the benefit being convenience of only having to handle one purchase order, plus the confidence of knowing all services are backed by Alpha’s guarantees.

5.    Customer Service

What continues to set Alpha apart is our commitment to customer service. We are able to offer quick turnarounds on all types of service that reduce both instrument downtime and the need for spares.

We also offer pickup and delivery services, as well as calibration services for instruments out of the box when purchasing through Alpha. This eliminates additional shipping time and charges, as well as ensures your instruments are ready the moment they arrive.

Learn more about how Alpha can solve your calibration needs. Contact us to reach one of our trained representatives today.