211 Automated RTD Calibrator

Check & calibrate all your RTD instruments and measure RTD sensors

$1,416.00 CAD
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks

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• Easy to use
• Take it into the shop, plant or field
• Carry it without worry - it comes protected with a rubber boot and rugged, low profile switch. Easy to operate even in the dark areas of the plant with the backlit display.
• Calibrate directly in temperature (°C & °F)
• Stop carrying around a decade box and RTD resistance tables.
• Fast calibration with automatic output stepping
• Choose between 2, 3, 5, 11 and 21 steps to automatically increment the output in 100%, 50%, 25%, 10% or 5% of span.
• Select the step time to match your system from 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 60 seconds.
• Compatible with ALL process instruments
• No competitor’s calibrator is compatible with as many process instruments!
• Measure RTD sensors
• Trouble shoot sensor connections and find broken wires with patented technology
• Evolutionary design
• PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that designed and built the calibrators manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label.
• The PIECAL 211 improves upon other brands by including a rubber boot, tilt stand, backlit display with larger digits, rugged switches and a battery compartment for fast battery changes.

For use with any PIE Calibrator with 4 “AA” batteries , externally charges batteries before installing in calibrator
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$108.00 CAD
Supports the calibrator from any ferrous surface such as an equipment cabinet or rack, for any PIE calibrator
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$26.00 CAD