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Setra Systems

231RS Multi-Configurable Pressure Transducer

Industries first multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer utilizing remote sensors

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Setra's Model 231RS is the industries first multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer utilizing remote sensors.  This design reduces labor and material costs versus traditional copper piping installations.  THe 231RS has a robust, NEMA 4 enclosure with an LCD display and a hinged, captive cover allowing for easy access to switches in order to adjust range and output.

Advantages of Remote Sensors - Remote sensors provide multiple advantages.  By connecting the high and low side transducers at the point of measurement instead of running copper piping back to the transducer, the labor and material costs are cut by one-third.

All Inclusive Field Selectable Design - The 231RS has a multi-configurable design, providing the user with field selectable ranges and outputs as well as push button or remote zero.  The flexible design gives the user total flexibility to make changes on the job site.

Multiple Connector Options for Added Flexibility - The 231RS offers remote sensors that connect to the unit via armored jacket, cable or conduit fitting available in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 foot lengths.  With the remote sensors, there is no need for a 3 or 5 valve manifold and no risk to compromising the electronics.

Display Options Available - The 231RS has an optional LCD display which gives the user the ability to view the high, low and differential pressure outputs locally at the device.  The visual indicator gives instant feedback providing validation to the user.

• Wet-to-Wet w/ Remote Sensors

• Armored Jacket, Conduit, Cable Versions

• Optional LCD Display w/ Hinged Cover 

• Remote Sensor Design

• Labor and Material Costs Cut By One Third

• Field Selectable Ranges

• Field Selectable Outputs

• Field Accessible Push Button & Remote Zero

• Jumper Selectable Port Swap

• All Cast Aluminum, NEMA 4 Rated Housing


• CE & RoHS Compliant



Electrical Data (Voltage) Performance Data
Circuit 3-Wire Accuracy RSS4 (at constant temp.)
Excitation 15 to 30 VDC/18 to 30 VAC (Reverse Excitation Protected) Pressure Ranges A, B, C ±1.0% FS
Output1 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC Pressure Ranges D ±2.0% FS
Output Impedance 30 Ohms Pressure Ranges (Selection Example, Pg 4.)
Circuit Consumption 8 mA (typ.) at 5 VDC, 8 mA (typ) at 10 VDC, 40 mA (typ.) at 18-30 VAC Range Code A B C D Max. Line Pressure
RS1 50 25 10 5 50
Electrical Data (Current) RS2 75 37.5 15 7.5 75
Circuit 2-wire (Reverse Excitation Protected) RS3 100 50 20 10 100
Output2 4 to 20 mA RS4 150 75 30 15 150
External Load 0 to 250 Ohms RS5 250 125 50 25 250
Min. Supply Voltage (VDC) 15 + 0.02 x Resistance of receiver plus line) Pressure Media
Max. Supply Voltage (VDC) 30 + 0.004 x Resistance of receiver plus line) Liquids or Gases Compatible with 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Note: Hydrogen not recommended for use with 17-4 PH stainless steel
Physical Description Thermal Effects5
Case Die Cast Aluminum, Powder Coated Compensated Range °F (°C) +32 to +130 (0 to +54)
Pressure Fittings 1/4-18 NPT Male Zero/Span Shift %FS/100°F (50°C) 2.0 (1.8)
Electrical Connection 1/2 in. Conduit Warm-up Shift <0.12% FS
Size 4.0 x 6 x 2 in. (102 x 152 x 51 mm) Response Time 1 to 5 sec. (selectable)
Weight 1.3 lb Proof Pressure 2 x Full Scale
Environmental Data Burst Pressure 15 x Full Scale (50 psi), 10 x Full Scale (75 x 150 psi), 8 x Full Scale (250 PSI)
Operating3 Temperature °F (°C) -4 to +185 (-20 to -85) 1 Calibrated into a 50K ohm load, operable into a 5000 ohm load or greater. 2 Calibrated at factory with a 24 VDC loop supply voltage and a 250 ohm load. 3 Operating temperature limits of the electronics only. Pressure media temperatures may be considerably higher or lower. 4 RSS of Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, and Non-Repeatability. 5 Units calibrated at nominal 70F. Maximum thermal error computed from this datum. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Storage Temperature °F (°C) -4 to +185 (-20 to +85)
Vibration 10g from 50Hz to 2000 Hz
Shock 200g


• Energy Management Systems
• Process Control Systems
• Flow Measurement of Various Gases or Liquids
• Liquid Level Measurement of Pressurized Vessels
• Pressure Drop Across Filters