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5686-B Glass Capsule Standard Platinum Resistance Thermo...

Designed for metrology work requiring small SPRTs

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Sometimes you would like to make SPRT measurements but traditional SPRTs are too long or awkward for a particular application. Now Fluke Calibration makes a miniature glass capsule SPRT, which is perfect for cryogenics, calorimetry, and other metrology work requiring small SPRTs.

The 5686 is a true SPRT. The high-purity platinum wire is hand-wound on a glass cross frame in a strain-free design. The glass capsule is designed to match the thermal expansion of the platinum wire to ensure a true seal at all operating temperatures. The capsules are pressure sealed and come protected in their own maple case

Designed for metrology work requiring small SPRTs

• Temperatures from –260°C (13 K) to 232°C
• Stability typically 0.001°C over 100°C range
• Miniature capsule package eliminates stem conduction

Temperature Range 260 C - 232 C (13 K - 505 K)
Nominal RTPW 25.5 Ω
Resistance Ratio W(302.9146 K) ≥ 1.11807
W(234.3156 K) ≤ 0.844235
Drift Rate 5686: < 0.005 C per year over the entire range
Self-Heating at TPW < 0.002 C under 1 mA current
Reproducibility +/- 0.001 C or better
R TPW Drift After Thermal Cycling < 0.001 C
Filling Gas Helium
Lead Wires Four platinum wires, 30 mm long (1.18 in)
Size 5.8 mm dia. x 56 mm long (0.23 in x 2.2 in)