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5698-25 Working Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

All the features you expect in a world-class SPRT

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The 5698 Working Standard SPRT is a true SPRT. It meets the ITS-90 ratio requirements for SPRTs and includes a Hart-designed, completely strain-free platinum sensor. With a 485 mm quartz sheath, this 25 Ω SPRT covers a temperature range from –200°C - 670°C. Long-term drift, which we define as the change in output resistance at the triple point of water after 100 hours at 670°C, is (after converting to temperature) less than 6 mK—typically less than 3 mK.

The 5698 is the perfect companion to a Fluke 1595A Super-Thermometer, which reads 25 Ω SPRTs to within 0.015 mK at 0°C and includes a number of convenient features for working with SPRTs. Requiring 1 mA of excitation current, the 5698 can also be used easily with a Fluke Black Stack, or even a Chub-E4 Thermometer.

• Conforms to ITS-90 SPRT guidelines
• Drift rate typically 0.003°C
• Calibration options by fixed point
• Unmatched performance-to-price-ratio

Temperature Range -200C - 670C
Nominal RTPW 25.5 Ω (+/- 0.5 Ω)
Current 1.0 mA
Resistance Ratios W (234.315 K) ≤ 0.844235
W (302.9146 K) ≥ 1.11807
Sensitivity 0.1 Ω/C
Drift Rate < 0.006C/100 hours at max temperature (typically < 0.003C)
Self-heating at TPW < 0.002 C under 1 mA current
Reproducibility +/- 0.0015C or better
RTPW Drift After Thermal Cycling < 0.001C
Diameter of Pt Sensor Wire 0.07 mm (0.003 in)
Protective Sheath Quartz Glass
Diameter: 7 mm (0.28 in)
Length: 485 mm (19.1 in)
Lead Wires Four sensor wires