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6000TOCi On-Line TOC Analyzer

Real-time transparency of TOC levels, conclusive data to support compliance, verifiable system performance

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The 6000TOCi total organic carbon sensor provides true continuous measurement, refreshing every second, for immediate detection of organic contamination. With the fastest response to TOC changes, the 6000TOCi is ideal in all pure water applications where rapid detection of TOC level changes is critical.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology provides advanced diagnostics, such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator tool, to monitor the remaining UV lamp life so you can plan maintenance before problems occur.

Real-Time Compliance

The 6000TOCi analyzer provides rapid, continuous measurement of TOC levels in your water system. Versus batch systems that measure at intervals, 6000TOCi users have real-time data to demonstrate that TOC excursions are never missed, not even for a minute.    Real-Time Compliance

Stable and Reliable Analysis

The 6000TOCi uses proven UV oxidation technology and the highest accuracy conductivity sensors to provide repeatable and precise measurements. You can be confident that you have conclusive data to support compliance and audits.    Confidence in Your Measurement Results

Clear TOC History to Support Audits

The 6000TOCi with real-time measurement provides comprehensive record keeping of trending, history, and key statistics to support your compliance documentation. USB ports for printer and data logging allows you to maintain a complete record of sensor history.    Clear TOC History to Support Audits

Supports Regulatory Compliance

The 6000TOCi satisfies the requirements of all major global pharmacopeias for TOC instrumentation, including USP, EP, JP, ChP and IP. With real-time TOC analysis to provide clear control, you can easily meet global and internal water quality requirements.

Measurement Range 0.05 - 2000 ppbC (gC/L)
Repeatability 0.05 ppbC < 5 ppb, 1.0%> 5 ppb
Resolution 0.001 ppbC (gC/L)
Analysis Time Continuous
Initial Response Time < 60 seconds
Limit of Detection 0.025 ppbC
Cond. Accuracy 2%,0.02-20 μS/cm 3%, 20-100 μS/cm
Cell Constant Accuracy 2%
Temperature Sensor Pt1000 RTD, Class A
Temperature Accuracy 0.25 C
Case Dimensions 11.9 [302.75 mm] W x 9 [229.8 mm] H x 5.7 [144.7 mm] D
Enclosure Material Powder-coated aluminum back enclosure and polystyrene resin front enclosure