62 MAX / 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometers

Taking the heat, the dust, and a 3 m drop, you can handle these mini IR thermometers without care

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Temperature is often the first indication of potential problems in electrical and mechanical applications. But how can you easily determine if an electrical panel has a hot spot, a motor is overheating or an HVAC system is inefficient? The answer is with an infrared (IR) thermometer. With handheld, non-contact IR thermometers, you can instantly measure equipment temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. And with early detection of abnormal temperatures comes early correction of problems.

Designed with your on-the-job needs in mind, the new Fluke 62 MAX and 62 MAX+ infrared thermometers are everything you’d expect from the experts in measurement tools. Small in size, extremely accurate and very easy to use. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance. Precise yet rugged enough to take a 3 m drop. In fact, the 62 MAX and 62 MAX+ are so tough, they’re the only IR thermometers around you can handle without care.

• Dust and water-resistant: IP54 rated for dust and water resistance
• Rugged design can withstand a 3 m (9.8 ft) drop
• Ergonomically designed for a more natural hand fit
• Small, lightweight, clips to your tool belt or belt loop, or easily fits into your tool box
• Precise laser technology makes for more accurate and repeatable measurements
• Dual-rotating lasers help you identify area to be measured
• Large, backlit display makes data easier to read, even in dark areas.
• Displays Min/Max/Avg/Dif between two measurements
• Hi and Lo alarms for rapid display of measurements outside the limits
• Both the 62 MAX and 62 MAX+ are powered by a single, standard AA battery




62 MAX

62 MAX+

Temperature Range

-30°C - 500°C (-22°F - 932°F)

-30°C - 650°C (-22°F - 1202°F)


+/- 1.5°C or +/- 1.5% of reading, whichever is greater

-10°C to 0°C: +/- 2.0

-30°C to -10°C: +/- 3.0

+/- 1.0°C or +/- 1.0% of reading, whichever is greater

-10°C to 0°C: +/- 2.0

-30°C to -10°C: +/- 3.0

Response Time (95%)

< 500 ms (95% of reading)

< 300 ms (95% of reading)

Spectral Response

 8 µs - 14 µs


 0.10 - 1.00

Optical Resolution

10:1 (calculated at 90% energy)

12:1 (calculated at 90% energy)

Display Resolution

0.1°C (0.2°F)

Repeatability of Readings

+/- 0.8% of reading or < +/- 1.0°C (2°F), whichever is greater

+/- 0.5% of reading or < +/- 0.5°C (1°F), whichever is greater


AA Battery

Battery Life

10 h with laser and backlight on

8 h with laser and backlight on

Physical Specifications


255 g (8.99 oz)


175 mm x 85 mm x 75 mm (6.88 in x 3.34 in x 2.95 in)



0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)


-20°C - 60°C (-4°F - 140°F), without battery

Operating Humidity

10% - 90% RH, Non-condensing at 30°C (86°F)



2000 m above mean sea level


12,000 m above mean sea level

IR Rating

IP 54 per IEC 60529

Drop Test

3 m

Vibration and Shock

IEC 68-2-6 2.5 g, 10 to 200 Hz, IEC 68-2-27, 50 g, 11 ms


EN 61326-1:2006 EN 61326-2:2006

Standards and Agency Approval


EN/IEC 61010-1: 2001

Laser Safety

FDA and EN 60825-1 Class II

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