63 Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

Measures temperature from -32 to 535C (-25 to 999F) and delivers high accuracy (1%) and repeatability (0.5%)

This product is obsolete and has been replaced by:
62 MAX / 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometers

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Fluke 63 mini IR thermometers helps you measure high temperatures in hard to reach places.

Fluke 63 mini IR thermometer delivers accurate readings of temperatures ranging from -40°C to 535°C (-25 to 999°F). Enhanced optics help you measure smaller objects further away so you can get more accurate measurements in hard-to-reach hot, rotating, or dangerous situations. Use it to monitor the status of electrical motors and electrical panels, research heating and ventilation problems, and diagnose car malfunctions.

• Rugged mini IR thermometer with 12:1 distance to spot ratio for non-contact temperature measurements
• Measures temperature from -32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
• Features high-resolution optics for measuring in hard-to-reach situations
• Delivers high accuracy (1%) and repeatability (0.5%)
• Shows MAX temperature on backlit display
• Offers laser targeting for precise measurements

Backlit Display for Use in Poorly Lit Areas Yes
Holds Temperature Readings Yes
Range -32 to 535C (-25 to 999F)
Distance to Spot Ratio 12:1
Hi-Lo Alarm Yes
Emissivity Fixed at 0.95
Measurement Accuracy -32 to -26C (-25 to -15F): 3C (5F)
-26 to -18C (-15 to 0F): 2.5C (4F)
-18 to 23C (-0 to 73F) 2C (3F)
For targets above 23C (73F) :1% of reading or 1C (2F), whichever is greater
Zippered carrying case with durable vinyl exterior
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$49.00 CAD
Zippered carrying case with inside pocket belt loop and inside meter strap
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$56.00 CAD
Rugged construction with heavy duty stitching, reinforced rivets, and oil tanned for a long life
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$112.00 CAD
Rugged ballistic cloth with heavy duty hardware, including a steel reinforced frame
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$140.00 CAD
Soft case for digital multimeters and visual infrared thermometers
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$56.00 CAD
Pre-moistened with an industrial-strength cleaning formula to remove dirt, oil, and grease from your test tools
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
Starting At
$30.00 CAD
Fabric holster absorbs shocks and protects meter from rough handling
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$49.00 CAD
Durable nylon construction protects your thermometer while keeping it within reach
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$71.00 CAD
Voltage detector and LED flashlight combined into one easy-to-use instrument (pack of 12)
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$60.00 CAD
Expands the utility of RTD non-contact infrared thermometer by taking contact temperature readings
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$126.00 CAD