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AMP-25 Mini-Clamp

Pocket-sized clamp meter that enables quick and easy spot checks of electrical systems

$203.00 CAD
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Small size doesn’t mean small features. The Amprobe AMP-25 Mini-Clamp is pocket-sized, enabling quick and easy spot checks of electrical systems. With its rugged construction and CAT III 600V rating, the AMP-25 is a must-have professional troubleshooting tool for commercial electricians and electrical contractors.

The AMP-25 is designed to measure AC/DC load current and inrush current for motors. Essential features like True-RMS, non-contact voltage and low pass filter make this clamp stand tall next to clamps twice its size. With the AMP-25, you never have to sacrifice performance for size.

• Features True-RMS sensing for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments
• Measures AC/DC current to 300 A (10 mA resolution)
• Includes a low pass filter to accurately measure voltage and current on variable frequency drives
• Inrush current for motor start-up monitoring
• Non-contact voltage detection (NCV) for detecting presence of voltage
• Jaw opening to 1 in (25 mm)
• Autoranging
• DCA zero and data hold
• Maximizes battery life with auto power off
• Backlit display for easy measurement viewing in bright and dim environment
• CAT III 600 V safety rated



Best Accuracy

AC Current(1)

60.00 / 300.0 A

± (1.5% + 5 LSD) @ 50 - 100 Hz ≥ 3 A
± (2.5% + 5 LSD) @ 100 to 400 Hz ≥ 3 A

DC Current(2)

60.00 / 300.0 A

+/-(1.5% + 5 LSD)
@ 300 A range

Low Pass Filter

300.0 A

+/-(3.5% + 5 LSD)
@ 50 to 60 Hz ≥ 3 A



Inrush Current


Non-Contact Voltage


Data Hold


(1)Note: Crest Factor (C.F.) may be up to 3.0 as 4000 counts.
For non-sinusoidal waveforms:
Add 3.0% for C.F. 1.0 - 2.0
Add 5.0% for C.F. 2.0 - 2.5
Add 7.0% for C.F. 2.5 - 3.0
Position error of clamp: +/- 1.5 % of LCD reading
(2) Add 10 LSD in auto AC/DC sense mode

• Commercial electricians
• Electrical contractors