` Summer Warehouse Monitoring: Tips for Safe and Efficient Operations
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Summer Warehouse Monitoring: Tips for Safe and Efficient Operations

Posted: 5/18/2023
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If you're in charge of a warehouse, you know how important it is to ensure that the facility is running smoothly and safely, especially during the summer months. Between the heat and the humidity, high outdoor temperatures can create a lot of issues such as mold growth, destroying stored goods (i.e food & pharmaceutical goods), equipment failure, and increased risk of fire just to name a few. 
Thankfully, these can all be prevented.
Here are some tips to help you monitor your warehouse during the upcoming summer season and ensure that it's operating safely and at peak efficiency.
1. Install Temperature Sensors
The temperature in your warehouse is a crucial factor that needs to be monitored closely during the summer months. High temperatures can make the working conditions uncomfortable and even dangerous for employees, as well as potentially harm inventory and equipment. By installing temperature sensors, you can track the temperature in real-time and take appropriate action if it gets too high.
2. Use Humidity Sensors
Another common issue in warehouses is humidity. Not only can temperature become an issue, but high humidity can also be an issue in warehouses during the summer, especially if the facility is not air-conditioned. 
Humidity levels that are too high can lead to the growth of mold & mildew, which can damage inventory and pose a health risk to employees. By installing humidity sensors, you can monitor the humidity levels and mitigate the risk.
3. Implement a Fire Safety Plan
Summer heat increases the risk of fire in a warehouse, making it crucial to have a fire safety plan in place. All employees should be trained on how to respond in case of a fire, and the facility should have proper fire suppression systems and alarms installed.
4. Check Equipment Regularly
Did you know the summer heat can put additional strain on warehouse equipment? This means it needs to be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. This includes forklifts, conveyor belts, and other machinery. Regular maintenance can prevent equipment breakdowns and downtime, which can lead to hefty costs and impact warehouse operations.
6. Ensure Proper Ventilation
Proper ventilation is essential for keeping the warehouse cool and preventing the buildup of harmful gases and fumes. These can be extremely harmful if trapped indoors. 
Fans and other ventilation systems need to be in good working order to keep the air moving. There should be adequate airflow throughout the facility to prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals or gases.
Monitoring your warehouse during the summer months is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operations. Taking these steps will help ensure that your warehouse can continue to operate efficiently, even during the hottest months of the year.  More importantly we recommend speaking to an expert for guidance in temperature and humidity monitoring.