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BluFlame Combustion Analyzer

For residential and commercial heating installations and maintenance

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The BluFlame Combustion Analyzer is a powerful Bluetooth, touch screen, diagnostic flue gas analyzer for residential and commercial heating installations and maintenance.

An all in one, high-tech, multi-tool, the handheld gas analyzer is ideal for the entire commissioning process from setting the input to the fuel pressure to verification of proper draft. Paired with a free innovative iOS and Android diagnostic and reporting application, this compact unit is a true breakthrough in the industry.


• Flue gas analyzer with real-time combustion calculation
• Digital manometer for stack draft and differential pressure
• Digital dual channel temperature measurement
• MSM sensor technology allows for field replaceable sensors
• Backlit, color touch screen is intuitive and easy to use
• Combustion and efficiency analyzer in one with integrated ambient air carbon monoxide testing
• Large fuel type list for multiple applications
• High capacity lithium-ion battery
• Internal data storage of up to 1,000 complete measurement data sets
• Easy data collection features include USB and SD card (Bluetooth equipped)

Calculated Values
Carbon Dioxide 0...Co2 Max.
Heat Losses qA 0...99.9%
Efficiency 0..100%
Air Ratio (Lambda) 1...9.99
CO/CO2 Ratio 0...10.0
CO Air Free 0...10.000 ppm
General Specifications
OperationTemperature 41-113F, Max. 95% RH, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -4 - 122F
Ambient Conditions Not in aggressive. Corrosive or High Dust Environments. Not for use in Hazardous Areas.
Power Supply Lithium-ion Battery, 2250 mAh
Competible Power Source 100-240 V AC / 50...60Hz 500mA
Protection Class IP40
Weight Approx 1.0 lb (with 2 sensors)
Dimensions 3.23" x 6.65" x 1.73"
IEEE 802.15.1 (For Bluetooth)
FCC ID MRU602578 (For Bluetooth)
TUV By RgG 309 EN50379-3 (European combustion analyzer performance specification)

Case for BluFlame analyzer
Normally ships in 2-3 Weeks
$225.00 CAD