CO2 Display

Inexpensive wall-mounted or bench-top display unit that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature

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The wall-mounted or bench-top CO2 display is the latest development of an inexpensive display unit that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. Equipped with the field-tested ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor, this instrument offers unbeatable value for money. The instrument can be configured directly with buttons and stored data can be exported to a USB stick for analysis with the free ROTRONIC software package SW21.

Indoor Air Quality: Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Open-Plan Offices, Shopping Centers, Fitness Studios

• Measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature
• Accuracy ±2.5 %RH / ±0.3 K / ±30 ppm + 5% of measured value
• ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor
• 18,000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
• Display of date and time
• Adjustable, visual CO2 indicator
• Large, easy-to-read display
• USB access for data download

Range of application 0…50 °C / 0…95 %RH, non-condensing
Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C ±30 ppm ±5 % of the measured value, <2.5 %RH (10...90 %RH), ±0.3 °K
Measuring range 0…5000 ppm / 0...100 %RH / -20...60 °C
Measurement principle Infrared (NDIR) with automatic calibration(ABC)
Adjustment points 0, 400 ppm and 35, 80 %RH
Pressure dependency +1.6 % reading per kPa
Zero drift <10 ppm/year
Power supply / Power consumption AC adapter 12 VDC
Current consumption 700 mA (max)
Warm-up time <1 min.
Long-term stability < 1.5 %RH per year
Humidity sensor ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1
Temperature sensor NTC
Response time CO2 : <3 min. diffusion time / T°: 4s
Response time t 63 <30 s, without filter
Parameters shown CO2, relative humidity and temperature
Alarm indicators Adjustable for CO2 measurement
Clock Real time clock
Memory size 18,000 values with time stamp, automatic recording (%RH / °C / ppm)
Housing ABS
CE / EMC conform 2004/108/EC
Maintenance No maintenance (standard indoor application)
Dimensions 330 x 250 x 50 mm
Weight 1400 g