` CTR-40 Portable Liquid Bath


CTR-40 Portable Liquid Bath

Excellent temperature stability and uniformity with a temperature range of -40 to 150C to address ValProbe applications

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The CTR-40 is a portable temperature bath designed to meet the calibration and validation needs of the Kaye ValProbe system. Combined with the IRTD and ValProbe software, the CTR-40 provides ValProbe  calibration /verifications, for the ValProbe  temperature sensor

The advanced design combines excellent temperature stability and uniformity with a temperature range of -40 to 150°C to address ValProbe applications. The generous nine liter tank and specially designed ValProbe immersion basket accommodate up to ten ValProbe loggers, making calibration or verification a quick and easy process.

• 110-minute cool-down time from 25 to -40°C
• Large capacity for multiple and different size sensors
• Temperature Stability:
  - ±0.005°C at –40°C (ethanol)
  - ±0.005°C at 25°C (water)
  - ±0.007°C at 150°C (5012 oil)
• Indicates temperature to 0.01°C resolution
• Automates calibration when used with all Kaye Products
• Quiet operation

Temperature Range -40C to 150C
Temperature Stability 0.005C at -40C (ethanol)
Typical Heat-Up Time 25C to 150C: 60 min
Typical Cool-Down Time 25C to -40C: 110 min
Access Opening /Well configuration 172mm x 94mm
(6.8 x 3.7)
Tank 9.2l
Dimensions (H x W x D) 584 mm x 305 mm x 622 mm
Power 115V 60 Hz
230V 50 Hz
Approx. 1,400 watts
Max number of rigid ValProbe RT loggers 16
Max number of freeze dryer loggers 20

• Autoclave/ Steam Sterilizers
• Washer Disinfector
• Fermenter
• Steam-in-Place
• Freezer/ Fridge
• Cold Rooms
• Stability Chambers
• Incubators
• Warehouse
• Glove Box/ Incubator

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