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DCR-1006A Controller

With several sensors to choose from, and a variety of mounts, ranges, and outputs, there are plenty of options for your application needs

$866.00 CAD
Normally ships in 2-3 Weeks

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Simple, Low-Cost Control
The DCR-1006A controller works together with our MNU ultrasonic sensors to allow simple level monitoring and control without the need of a more advanced system. It's also compatible with our DST ultrasonic sensors.

Tried and True

This system has reliably performed for fifteen years, with modern updates and features.

Tank Cloud Compatible
This controller connects to our Tank Cloud data portal for monitoring of attached sensor.

• 4 buttons for easy programming
• 4-20 mA and relay outputs
• Controller and sensor can be separated up to 2000 ft (650 m)
• Microprocessor with E2 memory retains settings on power loss.

Outputs 4 Relays
4-20 mA
RS-485 (MODBUS/RTU) interface
Inputs MNU/MPX Sensor (RS-485)
DST Sensor
1 Dry contact
Method Terminal Strips
Internet Connectivity RST-5003
Supply Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Programming Programmable 4 Button Keypad
APG Modbus Software (RS-485)
Display 5 digit with 6 Character description field
Back light
Housing Polycarbonate
Ratings NEMA 4X, IP66
Operating Temperature -22 - 140F (-30 - 60C)
Certification NEMA 4X, IP66
MNU Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor
High performance ultrasonic level sensor with Modbus flexibility and Tank Cloud compatibility
Normally ships in 2-3 Weeks
Starting At
$725.20 CAD
DST-2421 DCR Controller
DCR Controller with 1 to 25 ft range and 2 " NPT mounting
Normally ships in 2-3 Weeks
$731.00 CAD
DST-3431 DCR Controller
DCR controller with 1 to 50 ft range and 3" NPT mounting
Normally ships in 2-3 Weeks
$887.50 CAD