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DS701 Diagnostic Videoscope

Perform industrial inspections using Fluke's powerful diagnostic videoscopes designed to stand up to the dirtiest, most harsh environments

$3,120.00 CAD
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks

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Diagnostic scope with 7” LCD screen for accurate inspections in difficult to reach spaces. Adjustable LED lighting and digital zoom for quality images. Up is Up® technology rotates the display screen to allow for appropriate image display, regardless of the orientation of the probe. Intuitive user interface with easy to navigate button technology.

Expand the flexibility of your videoscope with optional probes offering cameras that range in diameter from 3.8 MM to 8.5 MM and probes as long as 20 meters.  Equip yourself the right probe for your environment.

Included with each diagnostic videoscope:
• 8.5 mm diameter, 1.2 m semi-ridgid probe
• EVA foam protective case
• Hand strap
• HDMI cable
• USB cable
• AC power supply/battery charger
• TPAK magnetic hanging strap

• High definition probe with dual-view camera
• Processing speeds that render a smooth, clear, consistent image
• 7 in LCD screen for easy viewing
• Macro to micro zoom function
• Adjustable lighting to capture the best image
• Up is Up™ technology for an appropriate orientation, regardless of the probe location (1.2 m probe only)
• Fluke Connect™ allows you to save and share images directly from the diagnostic videoscope (DS703 FC only)
• Two (2) year warranty

Length 1.2 meter (3.94 feet)
Type Detachable, semi-ridged, waterproof, immersible to 1 meter or more in depth
Diameter 8.5 mm (0.33 inches), optional 3.8, 5.5 and 9 mm probes available
Material Elastomer coated steel
Lighting Adjustable LED, on front, one side
Illumination 53 Lux
Up is Up Technology Appropriate image display, regardless of the orientation of the probe, 8.5 MM, 1.2 M probe only
Camera Resolution 800 x 600 (480,000 pixels)
Still image format JPG
Video Recording Format AVI
Video Output Format MPEG compression
MPEG compression Adjustable from 1x to 8x zoom
Field of view 68
Depth of field 25 mm to infinity
Video resolution Standard
Minimum focus distance 10 mm
Focus Type Fixed
Rotation 180
LCD Screen Size 7 inch (17.79 cm)
Refresh rate 30 hz
Up is Up technology Real-time upright adjustment for image
LED backlight Adjust display brightness for optimal viewing
Data Transfer USB
Color palettes Visible light, grayscale or inverted
Internal memory 6 GB
Physical buttons Intuitive, easy to navigate button technology, 4 functional keys, 4 navigational, one capture or select button
Carrying case Protective EVA case
Strap Hand strap
Power adapter AC adapter/battery charger input
Battery 6400mAh 3.7 volt rechargeable internal li-ion battery
Battery life 3 hours at 50 % LED brightness
Dimensions 6.98 x 8.85 inches (17.73 x 22.48 cm)
Weight 1.95 lbs (0.88 Kg)
Tablet IP54, dust protected and protected against water projected from a nozzle
Probe IP68, dust tight and immersion of 1 meter or more depth
Drop Test 2 meter (6.56 feet)
Operating temperature 0 C to 45 C (32 F to 113 F), 50 C (113 F) for less than 10 minutes
Storage temperature -40 C to 60 C (-40 F to 140 F)
Operating humidity 90 % at 35 C (95 F)
75 % at 40 C (104 F)
45 % at 50 C (122 F)
Warranty 2 years

• Maintenance manager
    • Corrosion in rotors and stators
    • Equipment part N*
    • Cable pulley/pulley slots condition
    • Liquid channel inspection
    • Material integrity
• Mechanical maintenance teams
    • Quality of finished goods
    • Inspect bearing surface and lubrication
    • Gear helix inspection
• Aircraft maintenance technician
    • Inspect blades for chips or cracks
    • Engine hot section contamination
    • Foreign/loosened micro parts
    • Leakage from lubrication lines
• Quality assurance manager
    • Quality/reliability testing of casting goods
    • Piston dome/cylinder/valve condition
    • Inspect for crack, chips, and contamination in HP chambers

Optional waterproof probes available in various lengths and camera orientations for the DS701 and DS703 FC
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
Starting At
$781.00 CAD
Neck strap for the DS701 and DS703 FC diagnostic videoscopes
Normally ships in 4-6 Weeks
$116.00 CAD