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DataVU 7 Paperless Recorder

Up to 24 external inputs, 24 digital inputs and 7 relay outputs,5.5'' TFT display

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DataVU 7 provides advanced flexibility to meet a user’s specific requirements without the need to change a process to fit the recorder. If process requirements are subject to change at a later date then the user benefits from the ease with which modifications can be made to the recorder configuration. The recorder is fully scalable - cards can be added to the recorder, facilitating future expansion. Reporting can be tailored to provide the exact information needed. The DataVU 7 allows reports to be created for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods. Furthermore if particular data needs to be evaluated then reports can be created using a custom date range to provide maximum flexibility.

• 6 to 18 internal analog inputs
• Up to 24 external inputs
• 5.5’’ TFT Display
• Up to 24 digital inputs and 7 relay outputs
• Set-up, Comms and Evaluation software
• 144 x 144 mm Front Bezel
• Maths module, batch reports & web server
• Stainless steel version available

Input / Outputs 0...18 analog inputs max. 0...24 binary inputs/outputs max. (max of 3 module slots, can be fitted with 6 analog inputs or 3 analog inputs & 8 binary inputs/outputs)
Inputs Via Interface Additionally up to 24 analog inputs and up to 24 binary inputs
Relay Outputs 1 relay (standard) additionally 6 relays (option)
Display / Operation Display 5.5" TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixels, 256 colors
Power Supply AC 100...240V +10/-15%, 48...63Hz AC/DC 20...30V, 48...63Hz (ELV) or 3
Interface as standard 1x Ethernet 10/100 Mbits/sec 4x USB interfaces 1x RS232/RS485 1x RS232 (barcode reader) option: 1x PROFIBUS-DP
Data Memory Internal memory 256 Mbytes external memory CompactFlash card and USB memory stick
Internal Channels 18x math channels 18x logic channels 27x counters /integrators
Software Setup program Evaluation software Communications software