` ECOLUX 6608 Series Fluorescent Emergency Luminaires

R. Stahl

ECOLUX 6608 Series Fluorescent Emergency Luminaires

Explosion protected emergency lights for hazardous and corrosive applications

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The ECOLUX 6608 Series of Emergency Luminaire is equipped with one high temperature, maintenance free, nickelcadmium battery back-up unit with a life expectancy of 7–10 years. In case of power failure it automatically switches over to battery supply keeping two lamps illuminated at reduced lumen output for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the luminaire returns to AC supply. When the Red LED indicating light is illuminated the battery is being charged or monitored. It is visible from the outside through the lens.

The ECOLUX 6608 Series is also supplied with an AC electronic instant start ballast unit and is available in 2 x 17W or 2 x 32W parallel lamps. This keeps the luminaire functional should one lamp fail. The power factor is greater or equal to .99. The electronic ballast meets ANSI C82.11 standards regarding harmonic distortion.

The ECOLUX 6608 Series are designed for hostile and hazardous locations where reliability and rugged performance are critical. The housing is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) with a single piece, low glare polycarbonate lens.

NEC & CEC Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC T5
Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E,F,G
Class III
Types 3, 4, 4X & IP66
File No. J.I.3012747
Ambient Temperature Range +40C (+104F) Max.
0C (32F) Min.