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EE071 Humidity/Temperature Probe

Modbus RTU digital interface allows for easy integration into networks

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The EE071 accurately measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates physical quantitites such as dew point temperature, mixing ratio and absolute humidity.   The Modbus RTU digital interface allows for easy integration into networks. The compact design with M12 connector facilitates the installation and fast replacement of the probe.  The sensing element is perfectly protected against pollution and corrosion and stands for long term stability even in harsh environment. With an appropriate radiation shield EE071 is also suitable for outdoor applications.

• Highest measurement accuracy
• Excellent protection against pollution and corrosion
• Outstanding long term stability
• Wide working temperature range
• Temperature compensation
• Modbus RTU interface
• Easy integration into networks
• Low power consumption
• Compact and easily interchangeable
• Additional physical quantitites calculated
• Adjustment and Modbus setup by the user

Measuring Range Humidity 0% - 100 % RH
Accuracy Humidity 2% RH (0% - 90% RH)
3% RH (90% - 100% RH)
Measuring Range Temperature -40C - 80C (-40F - 176F)
Accuracy Temperature 0.1C at 23C
Output Modbus RTU
Supply 4 - 28 V DC

• Stables, incubators, hatchers
• Storage rooms
• Wireless transmitters
• Data loggers and handhelds