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EL-Datapad Handheld Programmer and Data Collector

Handheld programmer and data collector for the EasyLog USB range of data loggers

$369.00 CAD
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks

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The EL-DataPad allows the configuration and download of Lascar’s EL-USB temperature and temperature & humidity data loggers on-the spot rather than removing the logger from the environment being measured and taking it to a PC. This allows continual logging with shorter breaks in data collection, less travel, on-site data collection in graph, legend and summary format and the ability to reconfigure loggers in ‘the field’.

The logger is connected to the EL-DataPad via a standard USB port at the top of the viewer. Once connected, the user is guided through a simple touchscreen menu with options to Set-Up Logger, Stop Logger & Download and View Data. On-screen instructions follow the same structure as Lascar’s EL-USB-WIN software for PC currently provided with each data logger.

Data from up to 100 loggers can be viewed on the EL-DataPad, with data from a further 400 units stored on the unit at any one time. Data can be transferred to a PC or Mac using a micro USB cable supplied with the unit. Once uploaded, data is saved in comma separated variable (csv) format, making it suitable for import into spreadsheet packages such as Microsoft Excel or graphed on a PC using Lascar’s EL-WIN-USB software.

The EL-DataPad is compatible with the following EL-USB data loggers: EL-USB-1, EL-USB-1-LCD, EL-USB-1-PRO, EL-USB-2, EL-USB-2+, EL-USB-2-LCD, EL-USB-2-LCD+, EL-USB-TC, EL-USB-TC-LCD, EL-USB-TP-LCD, EL-USB-TP-LCD+, EL-USB-LITE.

• Collects and stores data from at least 500 data loggers
• View downloaded data with general trend and summary screens
• Allows full or quick set-up of compatible EasyLog USB data loggers
• Touch screen interface for navigation of menus
• Stored data can be transferred to a PC/Mac via micro USB cable
• Use Lascar’s EasyLog USB software on a PC to graph data and export to Excel

Data Recording Capacity Typical: > 8.5 million readings
Operating Time (on a Single Charge) 8 hours
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50C (+32 to +122F)
Black protective rubber case for EL-Datapad and EL-Enviropad-TC
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$25.00 CAD