` EL-PDF-1-004 PK10 Pack of 10 Ambient Pharma Goods Data Logger


EL-PDF-1-004 PK10 Pack of 10 Ambient Pharma Goods Data L...

Ultra low cost pack of 10 ambient pharma goods data logger

$389.00 CAD
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks

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Sold in packs of 10 data loggers, the ultra low cost EL-PDF-1-004 data logger comes with pre-configured alarms for use with Ambient Pharma Goods – simply press the Start button to begin logging. The LEDs give a quick status update and show whether the temperature has exceeded an alarm condition at any point. When a logging session is finished, simply tear open the waterproof wallet to reveal the USB connector and plug into your PC. The logger will then automatically generate a PDF report that you can save to your PC.  The "Plug and Play" functionality and compact, lightweight design of this logger make it ideal for logistics use.

A cumulative alarm feature is available upon request. This is designed to trigger if the temperature has been within a specified range for a specified amount of  time through the duration of the whole log. There will be an LED indication when you are in the cumulative alarm region (both LEDs flash) but an alarm will not be triggered until the specified amount of time has been exceeded (or matched).

• Custom cumulative alarm versions of each logger available if required.
• No set-up required. One button press-to-start logging.
• Pre-configured with appropriate sample rates, alarm thresholds and cumulative alarms for each application.
• No software required. Results appear in an automatically generated PDF file.

Low / High Alarm Level 8C / 25C (Cumulative alarms available upon request)
Measurement Range -30 to +60C (-22 to +140F)
Accuracy (overall error) 0.5C maximum (1F)
Readings 32,600
Battery Life 12 months (minimum)
IP Rating IP67 (when in its plastic wallet or EL-CC-BAG)
Logging Interval 10 minutes (220 days)

• Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

Pack of 5 waterproof bags for use when reusing all EL-CC-1 data loggers
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$9.00 CAD

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