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Excellence XSR Precision Balances (Toploading)

Readability range between 1 mg and 1 g and capacity from 310 g to 32 kg

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XSR precision balances are ideal if your main challenges in a lab include high sample throughput and tight deadlines. Their design and features ensure consistent weighing results in a shorter time. For example, your weighing methods can be saved in the integrated method library providing fast access to daily tasks and ensuring consistency between users. All results and task parameters are saved automatically to the results notepad and can be printed out. Single weighing result can be easily transferred to a PC via USB. Transcription errors are thus eliminated.

Thanks to the innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan, which minimizes the effects of air currents on the weighing cell, stabilization time and repeatability are significantly improved, even when working in a fume hood or challenging production environment.

XSR precision balances have a readability range between 1 mg and 1 g and capacity from 310 g to 32 kg. This means there is a XSR balance to suit every application type.



• Capacity up to 32 kg
  - Readability down to 1 mg - 1 g
• USP minimum weight down to 820 mg
• SmartPan: Get results faster than ever
  - The innovative SmartPan weighing pan provides exceptional stability to deliver even faster results. Weigh at 1 mg readability without a draft shield.
• ErgoStand: Relax with ergonomic weighing processes
  - Place your terminal at eye-level on the ErgoStand to make it easier to read and avoid excessive bending of the neck during extended balance use.
• LabX: Benefit from automatic data handling
  - LabX saves all your results and process information automatically in a secure database. Instruments, tasks and users can be managed centrally.