GFM Gas Mass Flow Meter

Flow range up to 1000 L/min, pressures up to 500 PSI, NIST traceable

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Series GFM Gas Mass Flow Meters combine a straight tube sensor with a restrictor flow element to provide high accuracy and repeatability. Flow rates are virtually unaffected by temperature and pressure variations. Actual gas flow is displayed in engineering units on a 3-1/2 digit, 90° tiltable LCD readout. Units can be used with Series GFT Flow Totalizer for applications requiring totalization. Series GFM includes a NIST traceable certificate.

Note: These units require a cable, see GFM-CBL4 or GFM-CBL5, depending on your needs.

Service Clean gases compatible with wetted parts
Wetted Materials GFM-1XXX: anodized aluminum, brass, 316 SS and fluoroelastomer o-rings;
GFM-2XXX: 316 SS and fluoroelastomer o-rings
Accuracy 1% FS including linearity over 59F - 77F (5C - 25C) and 5 PSIA - 60 PSIA (0.34 Bar - 4 Bar); Series X143, X144, X145, 1.5% FS
Repeatability 0.5% of full scale
Response Time 2 s to within 2% of actual flow
Output Linear 0 - 5 VDC and 4 - 20 mA
Maximum Particulate Size 5 m
Temperature Limits 32F - 122F (0C - 50C)
Power Supply 12 - 26 VDC
Process Connections 1/4 in compression fitting for flow rates ≤ 50 L/m; 3/8 in for 100 and 200 L/m;
1/2 in for 500 L/min;
3/4 in for 1000 L/min
Pressure Limits 1000 PSIG (68.9 Bar); Series GFM-X143, X144, X145, 500 PSIG (34.5 Bar)
Leak Integrity 1 x 10-9 sccs of Helium
Display 90 tiltable, 3-1/2 digit
Agency Approvals CE