` H-10 PRO Refrigerant Leak Detector


H-10 PRO Refrigerant Leak Detector

Ultra-sensitive universal refrigerant leak detector to monitor all CFc, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants

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The H-10 PRO is a highly responsive universal refrigerant leak detector using Bacharach’s tried-and-true heated diode sensor technology.  It’s ultra-sensitive to all halogen-based, non-flammable CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants for reliable use in a wide range of refrigerant leak detection applications.

The H-10 PRO has a long probe (4.5 ft.) for detecting leaks in hard-to-reach areas, visual and audible indicators to show relative leak sizes and an auto-zeroing feature (automatic mode only) for finding leaks in backgrounds where target gas is present. It has an internal sensor calibration reference to ensure optimum performance.

• Detects all CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants as low as 0.006 oz/yr, including R-410a and R-507
• Dual power options allow battery operation for the best mobility or wall power for uninterrupted usage
• Visual and audible indicators include an incremental flashing LED in the probe tip, an internal speaker and a headphone jack

Sensitivity / Minimum Detection Limit: 0.006 oz/yr (stationary) 0.1 oz/yr (moving per SAE J2791)
Background Adjustment: Automatic, Manual
Response Time: 1 Second
Power: 12 VDC internal rechargeable battery or via 100-240 VAC wall adapter/charger
Run Time: 3 hours (typical) on fully-charged battery
Warm-Up Time: 2 minutes (approximate)
Status Indicator: Visual (red LED in probe tip) and audible (via internal speaker or headphones)
Product Dimensions (LWH): Unit: 8.3" 10.5" 5.4" (21.1 26.7 13.7 cm) Probe: 4.5' (1.37 m)
Product Weight: 5.1 lbs. (2.3 kg)
Expected Sensor Service Life: 1 year (typical)
Approvals: CE
Warranty: Instrument: 3 Years (Does not include sensor, battery, probe tip, airflow balls, filters or leak reference bottle), Battery: 1 Year

Tune-up kit for the H-10 PRO
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$306.00 CAD
Wall adapter for the H-10 PRO
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$62.00 CAD
Flexible probe extension for H-10 PRO
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$85.00 CAD
Replacement sensor for the H-10 PRO
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$225.00 CAD