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H8000 Relative Humidty Element

Accurately measure moisture in a wide range of relative humidity applications, 1.5% RH linearity, stability 1% RH per year, operating temperature 40 to +200C

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The H8000 capacitive polymer element is the latest generation technology, developed to reliably and accurately measure moisture in a wide range of relative humidity applications.

This element is the core measurement element of Michell’s new range of interchangeable HygroSmart sensors, probes and transmitters.

• Linearity ±1.5% RH
• Stability ±1% RH per year
• Operating temperature –40 to +200°C
• Low thermal hysteresis
• ø0.4mm leg diameter
• Nominal capacitance 250 pF
• Low RH hysteresis

Performance Specifications
Measurement Range (RH) 0 to 100% RH
RH Accuracy @ 23C 1.5% RH (5 to 95% RH)
RH Hysteresis 1% RH
RH Measurement Response Time Less than 10 seconds
RH Thermal Drift (0 to +70C / 10 kHz) @ 11%: 0.18% RH/C
@ 75%: 0.24% RH/C
Maximum Mixing Ratio 250g water/kg dry air
D Factor (Tangent of Loss Angle) 0.02 typical
RH Long Term Stability @ 23C < 1% RH per year
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Capacitance (75% RH @ 23C) 250 pF 15%
Nominal Sensitivity (15 to 85% RH @ 23C) 0.45 pF / %RH
Operating Frequency Range 5 / 300 kHz
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature 40 to +200C
Operating Pressure 0.04 to 30 bar
Mechanical Specifications
Weight 0.1g (without cap)
Leg Diameter 0.4mm
Leg Length 12mm, 50mm