HC2-IE-EX Temperature and Humidity Probe

HygroClip2 EX screw-in cable probe, 0.8 %rh/0.1 K accuracy

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HygroClip2 EX screw-in cable probe, cable lengths 2/5/10 metres, with ½“ G/NPT thread

Suitable Transmitters: HygroFlex-EX

Probe type EX probe
Accuracy at 23 5 C 0.8 %rh / 0.1 K
Measuring range with integrated probe -4085 C / 0100 %rh
Humidity sensor Hygromer IN-1
Temperature sensor Pt100 Class A
Pressure Pressure-resistant to 100 bar / 1450 PSI
Connection thread of probe 1/2" G / 1/2" NPT
Calibration/adjustment Not via device menu (only outside the explosive zone with HW4 + AC3001)
Cable lengths 2/5/10 metres
Probe material Stainless steel
IP protection rating IP66
EX Identification EX II 1/2 G Ex ia IIC T5 Ga/Gb; EX II 1/2 D Ex ia IIIC T80C Da/Db
Identification EX Nortth America Class I, Div 1/2, Groups ABCD T5T4, Class II, Div 1/2, Groups EFG T80CT110C; Ex e mb [ia Ga] IIC T5...T4 Ga/Gb; Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T80CT110C Da/Db; Class I, Zone 0/1, AEx e mb [ia Ga] IIC T5T4 Ga/Gb; Class II, Zone 20/21, AEx tb [ia Da] IIIC
Dimensions 125/285 x 15 mm