` HTR-400 Dry Block Calibrator


HTR-400 Dry Block Calibrator

Dry well specifically designed for extended high temperature range

This product is obsolete and has been replaced by:
HTR-420 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

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For over 25 years Kaye has offered the HTR-400 Dry Block Calibrator for the calibration and verification of temperature sensors. While this unit has served our customers well, the technology is outdated, and availability of parts and servicing have become challenging. In order to offer customers the best instruments and continue as the industry standard, Kaye has spent time developing and offering a new dry block calibrator to replace the outdated unit. The HTR-420 is now available and offers expanded functionality such as sensor capacity, efficiency, and performance.

The HTR-400 temperature reference is a dry well specifically designed to fully automate sensor calibration when used with Kaye validation software and traceable temperature standard.

The Kaye HTR-400 dry well employs unique inserts which minimize cooling of the thermocouple tips due to heat conduction,  providing an uncertainty of 0.1°C. Without proper inserts, transfer uncertainty in excess of 0.5°C can occur with 22 gage, type T thermocouples.The HTR 400 features fast heat up and cool down, a capacity to hold up to 24 thermocouples and requires no messy oils.
Calibrating sensors in the environment where they will be used provides the highest degree of accuracy as system temperature coefficient errors are eliminated. The HTR 400 is lightweight and rugged so you can calibrate sensors almost anywhere.

• Fast heat up and cool down
• Dry block requires no messy oils
• Capacity of up to 24 thermocouples
• Software interface with Kaye Validation systems for automatic sensor calibration

Temperature Range 25C above ambient to 400C
Ambient Operating Range 5C to 50C
Set Point Accuracy 0.2C to 300C
0.3C to 400C
Temperature Stability 0.02C to 300C
0.05C to 400C
ransfer Calibration Accuracy* 50C to 150C: 0.1C
IRTD Standard to Thermocouples 150C to 250C: 0.2C
250C to 350C: 0.3C
350C to 400C: 0.4C
Typical Heat-Up Time 25C to 90C: 5 minutes
90C to 125C: 3 minutes
25C to 350C: 25 minutes
Typical Cool-Down Time 85 minutes: 350C to 50C
45 minutes: 125C to 50C
Access Opening / Well configuration Fixed Insert
Reference wells (2): 6.7 mm
diameter x 127 mm deep
Calibration wells (8): 9 mm
diameter x 155 mm) deep
Display ED w/0.01C resolution
Computer Interface RS232
Dimensions 343 mm x 198 mm x 318 mm
Weight 8.2kg
Power 115 VAC 60 Hz, 6 A or 230 VAC
50 Hz, 3 A 700 watts

• Autoclave/ Steam Sterilizers
• Dry Heat Tunnel/ Oven
• Washer Disinfector
• Fermenter
• Steam-in-Place

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