` HygroCal100 - Humidity Calibrator


HygroCal100 - Humidity Calibrator

Provides a stable test chamber to quickly evaluate the performance of RT Humidity Loggers or any relative humidity sensors across a wide range

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 The HygroCal100 provides a stable test chamber to quickly evaluate the performance of Kaye’s ValProbe RT Humidity Loggers or any relative humidity sensors across a wide range of 5 to 95% relative humidity. The intuitive design allows up to 8 probes or loggers under test to be easily sealed and immersed in the chamber. Typically the HygroCal100 is controlled by the ValProbe RT Software for automated Verification runs but alternatively the unit can also be controlled by the 4.3” LCD touch-screen, that runs a powerful UI, which displays all measured values from the reference along with a graphical trend indication of chamber stability. If not used with the Kaye ValProbe RT Loggers the HygroCal100 is also capable of automating complete validation procedures with ease, and providing a complete logged output in csv format straight to your USB memory device, to minimize the time you spend taking readings.

• Truly portable at 3.2kg, and completely self-contained
• Intuitive UI makes automating probe verification simple
• Integral battery pack means verification can be done without access to mains power
• Verify up to 8 probes simultaneously
• Automated verification for complete hands-off Logger verification
• Internal calibration correction cycle ensures continued confidence
• Interchangeable ports for verification of ValProbe RH and ValProbe RT RH dataloggers
• Download logged verification data direct to USB memory if required

Generation range 5 to 95% RH
RH stability 0.5%
RH uniformity 0.5%
Stabilization time Typically <5 min for full stability from step changes of 10% RH
Control Probe
RH accuracy 0.8%
Temperature accuracy 0.2C
Long term stability 1% per year
Electrical Specifications
User interface 4.3 color LCD with touchscreen
Interface with probes 24V excitation voltage, accepts signals: 020 mA, 420 mA, 01 V, 05 V, 010 V
Measurement units %RH, temperature in C, F
Display resolution 0.1
Data logging 2Gb internal memory available for log files
Battery (optional) 1500 mAH
Power supply 24 V DC (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (International adaptors included)
Mechanical Specifications
Probe ports 8 - port adaptors to accomodate RT Loggers of 12mm diameters,

Optional also 18.5mm ports for Valporbe Humidty loggers are available
Chamber volume Approx 1050cm3
Maximum probe insertion depth 60mm
Desiccant reservoir capacity 25cm3
Saturator reservoir capacity 25ml
Environmental conditions +5 to +40C
Dimensions 100 x 250 x 300mm (h x w x d)
Weight 3.2kg

• Ideal to quickly verify ValProbe RT Humidity Loggers between 5% RH to 95% RH
• With additional ports also ValProbe Humidity Loggers can be verified
• Allows to verify different kind of Humidity Sensors with adequate diameters

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