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HygroGen2 Temperature and Humidity Generators

Intended for companies that regularly need to calibrate a large number of probes

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Portable humidity and temperature generator to calibrate humidity and temperature measuring instruments (multi-point calibration)

The HygroGen2 is a portable generator for calibration of humidity and temperature measuring instruments. The device sets a new standard in portable calibration. The HygroGen2 works like a "mobile calibration laboratory" and is intended for companies that regularly need to calibrate a large number of probes. The calibrator allows simply, flexible calibration with the advantage that the calibrated units can be integrated in the operative processes again quickly. The HygroGen offers numerous outstanding benefits particularly to the pharmaceutical industry.

The rock solid stability, minimal thermal gradients, and rapid time for set-point changes of HygroGen2-S are now replicated in a new family member: HygroGen2-XL, which boasts a chamber with 10 times the capacity.

• Generates a stable reference environment Range of application: 0…60 °C, accuracy: ±0.05 K
• Reaches equilibrium humidity in typically 5 minutes (15 minutes - HG2-XL)
• Suitable for all humidity and temperature probes
• Calibrates multiple probes simultaneously
• Easy-to-use trouchscreen monitor
• DVI interface for external monitor
• USB interface for connection of keyboard, mouse and ROTRONIC USB probes
• The integrated HW4 software ensures easy calibration and adjustment of all probes.
• Integrated FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant Rotronic HW4 software
• External heated connections for a dew point mirror reference are standard. This allows the user to adjust the reference probes with extremely high precision or to reduce the total calibration uncertainty.
• The water quality is kept at a high level by a UV sterilizer, meaning algae and bacteria cannot form.


Automated calibration of multiple HC2 probes connected via AC3001 USB adaptor:
- Option to automatically adjust 1 temperature and 10 humidity points
- Creates PDF calibration certificate for each probe under test
- 20 user programs (up to 200 set points per program)

"Range Extensions"
- Temperature range extension -5...60 °C (Standard 0...60 °C)
- Humidity range extension 2...99 %RH (Standard 5...95 %RH)

"External MBW/RHS reference integration" (formerly "AutoCal+")
External MBW/RHS Reference Integration further extends the utility of the generator, with the ability to integrate MBW chilled mirror hygrometers as the AutoCal calibration reference or within the Remote API.

Rotronic has worked with MBW - the world’s leading chilled mirror manufacturer - to integrate their products with the HygroGen2. Particularly well suited is the MBW 473 Dew Point Mirror, whose RP2 measuring head is designed to be directly inserted into the working volume of the HygroGen2, and works across its full range (Not part of the setup. To be purchased separately).

"Remote Screen Sharing" (formerly "Remote Control")
Remote Control allows a larger screen interface to be used via another device, and is cross platform, allowing access from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

“Remote API”*
Remote API is a new feature to allow granular command line control and logging of the HygroGen2 via a series of commands over TCP/IP. This allows users to integrate the HygroGen2 into their own or third party systems, e.g. Beamix and/or write software scripts to automate the calibration process.

*Feature not available yet. Coming soon.

Control range max. 595 %RH and 060 C
(2...99 %RH / -5...60 C with range extension)
Control stability <0.01 C,< 0.1 %RH
Temperature gradient <0.05 C (15...50 C), <0.1 C (5...60 C), <0.15 C (0...5 C)
Humidity gradient 0.1 %RH or better
Typical time to set-point <5 minutes (5...95 %RH) (HG2)
<15 minutes (5...95 %RH) (HG2-XL)
Temperature sensor PT100 1/3 DIN Class B
Humidity sensor Hygromer
Control probe accuracy 0.8 %RH (23 C 5) / 1.5 %RH (0...60 C) / 0.1 C (23 C 5) / 0.2 C (0...60 C)
Desiccant Molecular sieve
Saturator Front panel fill, on-screen level indication
Water quality Distilled or deionised water
Water volume Approx. 80 ml
Chamber volume 2 litres, effective working volume 1.5 litres, 110 mm, 145 mm deep (HG2)
20 litres, effective working volume 17 litres (HG2-XL)
External interface USB (9 ports), Ethernet
Power supply/Power consumption 110...230 VAC, 50...60 Hz, 3 A
External connections 6mm temperature controlled sample loop connections
Enclosure material Powder coated aluminium
Dimensions 450 x 406 x 205mm (HG2)
800 x 620 x 410 mm (HG2-XL)
Weight 13 kg (HG2)
37 kg (HG2-XL)