` IRTD 400 Display


IRTD 400 Display

This advanced display unit seamlessly connects with up to two Kaye IRTD Reference probes

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Introducing the Kaye IRTD Display, a stand-alone interface with a touchscreen. This advanced display unit seamlessly connect with up to two Kaye IRTD Reference probes, offering real-time temperature data in a user-friendly format. Equipped with a 4.3" touch screen, the Kaye IRTD Display provides clear and intuitive readings for both IRTDs, allowing users to monitor temperature with ease. The display also showcases the temperature difference (Delta) between the two connected IRTDs, enabling quick and accurate analysis. Supporting both type of IRTD Connector cables, this versatile unit ensures compatibility with your preferred setup.
With the ability to specify one of three temperature units (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), the Kaye IRTD Display cater to your specific temperature measurement needs.
Additionally, the unit supports the change of IRTD settings such as Address and Units.
Designed with efficiency in mind, the display unit features internal memory for data logging, accommodating both single IRTD and dual IRTD configurations. The unit can be externally powered or connected to an external power bank for a 5V USB supply, providing flexibility for various setups.
The Kaye IRTD Display's capabilities extend further, as it allows for firmware updates via USB, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Whether you are working in a laboratory, industrial facility, or any other setting, where precise temperature monitoring is crucial, this display unit will streamline your processes and enhance the way you measure and monitor temperature.

• Touch Screen 4.3"
• Display readings for up to two Kaye IRTD Reference probes in three resolutions
• Show Delta between the two IRTDs
• Choose a scan interval from 5 to 60 seconds
• Supports both types of IRTD Connector cables
• Specify one of three temperature units ( C, F, K)
• Supports the change IRTD settings (Address, Units)
• Support logging to data captured to internal Memory (for 1 IRTD, and for 2 IRTDs)
• Unit is powered externally and supports external power bank for 5V USB supply , if required
• Supports Firmware Update of controller via USB
• Provides USB interface for Software
• Buzzer, Internal Clock, Internal Memory
• Electrical Safety Certification