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InPro 8610i/8630i Beer Turbidity Sensor

In-line process and color measurement for low to medium turbidity measurement

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Wort, Condensate, and Finished Product Turbidity and Color

The InPro 8610i/8630i beer turbidity meter and color sensor is designed for monitoring beer, beverage and condensate of whey water in upstream and downstream processes. As a unique turbidity measurement device for the brewing industry, the InPro 8610i/8630i  color and turbidity sensor provides a unique measurement in EBC turbidity units. EBC turbidity (European Brewery Convention) is commonly used in the brewing industry for both turbidity and color. The sensor also provides results in NTU turbidity. The InPro 8610i/8630i  provides accurate measurement using forward-scattered light turbidity technology. Upstream, in the brewhouse, the InPro 8610i/8630i monitors wort turbidity to ensure production efficiency and reproducible batch-to-batch wort quality. Downstream, they help ensure consistent color and clarity of your product to meet your customers' needs.

Verified Uptime and Accurate Measurement

To ensure consistent, accurate measurement from start-up through the lifetime of your equipment, the InPro 8610i/8630i 8610i/8630i beer turbidity meter and color sensor is 12-point factory calibrated for turbidity and 6-point calibrated for color. This multi-point calibration gives you high confidence in your measurements. Additionally, the InPro 8610i/8630i  turbidity measurement device uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to monitor sensor condition and help maximize uptime.

Reduce Costs with Distinct Upstream and Downstream Sensors

Upstream and downstream processes in breweries are very different, and have significantly different measurement requirements. Downstream processes require forward, 25° and 90° scattered light, as well as color measurement to meet production requirements. Upstream processes typically only need forward and 25° scattered light. While breweries typically use downstream models for upstream applications, the InPro 8610i/8630i offers a tailor-made upstream model to help reduce overall equipment costs.

Designed to Meet Food Safety and Compliance Needs

The InPro 8610i/8630i color and turbidity sensor follows hygienic design best practices (smooth surface, no sharp edges) for optimum sensor cleanability. The sensors can also withstand the hot temperatures of CIP and SIP processes. InPro 8610i/8630i sensors are tested according to the pressurized equipment directive recommendations for safe use in high process pressures.

Minimum attention

• The highly durable sapphire glass optic windows and 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel sensor head require minimum maintenance and are suitable for use in the toughest process conditions.

Hygienic design

• Turbidity sensor with hygienic design meets the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) requirements.
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) compatible

• Factory calibration is stored in the sensor. Automatic sensor recognition with the METTLER TOLEDO M800 transmitter enables easy and fast instrument configuration.

Measuring Range Turbidity: 0...100 EBC; 0...400 FTU; color: 0..30 EBC
Process Connection Tuchenhagen-VARINLINE(R) Type N50/40
Material in Contact with Medium Stainless steel 316L, sapphire
Process Conditions Temperature: 0...80 C (32...176 F), max. 120 C (248 F); pressure: 1...16 bar (14.5...232 psi)