` Kaye UTR (Uniform Temperature Reference)


Kaye UTR (Uniform Temperature Reference)

Uniform Temperature Reference reducing temperature gradients in thermocouple installations

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 The Kaye UTR is a passive device, requiring no external power. Its design addresses all thermal errors induced by static and dynamic conditions providing a superior temperature stable environment. Thermocouple terminations are made by screw terminals on one side of the plate while output connections to the measuring device are made via copper terminations on the other side of the plate.

A  highly accurate NIST traceable RTD is mounted to the plate to provide measurement of the plate temperature.  The UTR’s rugged design and ability to handle extreme temperature and vibration make it ideal for mounting near engine test stands.. This minimizes thermocouple runs and expensive gold plated feedthrough for getting sensors outside the harsh environment.
The  UTR  also reduces the possibility of temperature gradients to a + 0.5°C error due to a 40°C step change in ambient; twice the accuracy of conventional UTRs.

• Passive device – no electronics
• Plate uniformity - + 0.1°C  Steady State
• RTD Accuracy - + 0.1°C
• Can be mounted near measurement point minimizing thermocouple runs (jet engine test cells)
• High Reliability design
• Broad Temp, Range -40 to 80 °C
• 48 channel –nonshielded and 32 channel shielded configurations
• Easily reconfigurable for different thermocouple types

Temperature Uniformity Less than 0.07C max
Temperature difference between channels for normal ambient variations
Internal Noise None
Electrical Resistance 50MOhms channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground
Capacitance 10 picofarads channel to channel and channel to shield, 5 picofarads shield to ground
Mounting Standard 19" (483mm) rack panel
Dimensions 483mm x 222mm H x 51mm on each side of monitoring surface
(19"W x 8,75"H x 2")

• Jet Engine Test stands
• Power Plants
• High Speed Data Acquisition System
• Extreme temp and vibration environments

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