` LTR-150 Dry Block and Liquid Bath


LTR-150 Dry Block and Liquid Bath

Flexible and easy to use dry block and liquid bath all-in-one temperature calibrator, 48 thermocouple capacity

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The Kaye LTR-150 is the most advanced multi-purpose calibrator specifically designed to address the capacity and flexibility needs for thermal validation. From its ability to calibrate 48 thermocouples capacity, to it’s versatility to function as a Dry Block, Liquid Bath or Surface calibrator, the LTR-150 saves hours of time and effort when calibrating or verifying validation sensors. 

The new Thermocouple Fixture guarantees easy handling of up to 48 TC’s ensuring that all are securely held at full immersion depth

The LTR-150 temperature calibrator is backward compatible with the Kaye Validator AVS, Kaye Validator 2000, Kaye ValProbe or Kaye RF ValProbe software for automatic sensor calibration. The multi-purpose temperature calibrator is also ideal for calibrating RTDs as well as a range of other process sensors. This make it ideal for the calibration lab as well as for your validation needs.

• Operating range of -30 to 150°C with temp stability of +/- 0.01°C and uniformity of 0.1°C
• Fast Heating and Cooling times
• Ability to be used as Dry Block, Liquid Bath and Surface Calibrator
• Calibration of up to 48 thermocouple with Dry Block insert savings hours of time
• Dry Block inserts design to accommodate thermocouples, IRTD, ValProbe flexible/bendable as well as RF ValProbe probes
• Software interface for all existing Kaye products (IRTD, Validator 2000, Validator AVS, ValProbe and RF ValProbe software for automatic / manual calibrations
• Liquid micro bath tub with sensor cage and magnetic stirrer can be used for thermocouples, special process probes as well as ValProbe rigid loggers
• Easy to use touch screen
• Universal Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
• Addition inserts available for calibrating specialty or process probes


Control Sensor External
Dry Block
Temperature Range* -30 to 150C (-22 to 302F)
Accuracy 0.1C (0.18F)
Stability 0.010C (0.018F)
Uniformity 0.1 C (/- 0.18F)
Micro Bath
Temperature Range -30 to 150C (-22 to 302F)
Accuracy 0.15C (0.27F)
Stability 0.010C (0.018F)
Uniformity 0.15C (0.27F)
Temperature Range -25 to 150C (-13 to 302F)
Accuracy 0.1C (1.8F)
Stability 0.15C (0.27F)
Heating/Cooling time 20 to -25C in 45 min
20 to 121C in 30 min
121 to 20C in 30 min
-30 to 20C in 20 min
Block Dimensions
-> Diameter 60 mm ( 2.36 in)
-> Depth 170 mm (6.69 in)
Display Unit
Display 7 Color-Touchscreen Unit C / F / K
Resolution 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 C / F / K
General Data
Interface Serial to Validator / Ethernet / 3 X USB
Dimensions 210 mm x 300 mm x 380mm
Weight (approx.) 13 kg / 28.66 lbs
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 375w
* at an ambient temperature of 20C / 68F

• Autoclave/ Steam Sterilizers
• Steam-in-Place
• Freezer/ Fridge
• Incubators

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