` Lumiglas USL08EX-LED

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Lumiglas USL08EX-LED

Clear performance upgrade to one of the industry's most widely used explosion-proof lights, providing powerful & reliable lighting for even the most hazardous locations

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 The new Lumiglas Explosion-Proof Light Model USL08LED-EX represents a clear performance upgrade to one of the industry’s most widely used explosion-proof lights, providing powerful and reliable lighting for even the most hazardous locations.

The highly engineered design is now enhanced with efficient new LED performance, delivering as much as a 10X longer service life, precisely tuned color temperatures and half the energy consumption of comparable halogen models.
Available with various lenses to optimize illumination, Lumiglas LED lights are ideal for combination light/sight port (single port version) or separate light- and sight-port (dual port version) applications. Constructed of corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy, USL08LED-EX units are shock-proof, dust/waterjet-tight, explosion-proof and equally well-suited for demanding installations indoors and out. The 20 watt units are available with straight mounting brackets for use on single sight ports from 3” to 6”, and angle (offset) brackets for 6” and larger single light/sight port combinations.
Lumiglas LEDs provide the perfect color temperature for stainless steel, eliminating the distorting yellow glow of halogen lights that can affect vessel inspection. These sturdy, compact lights are available with up to 2,200 lumens at a color temperature of 6200K.
Key Applications
Mounted on single sight ports (3” – 6”) and larger single light/sight port combinations (6” and larger) for process illumination, and for specific area lighting (sight flow indicators, instruments, control panels, valve manifolds, walkways, etc.) in the pharmaceutical, chemical processing and cannabis industries.
Product Certifications:
• UL 844 Listed for Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C&D and Div 2, Groups A&B.
• Approved for wet locations, UL 1571
• Dust & Waterjet Tight to IP65

 Lights are designed for glare-free illumination in combination with the following sight glass styles:

• bolt-on circular flanges
• circular weld pad
• visual flow indicators (standard or full-view)
• sanitary clamp connection
• circular threaded assemblies (type MV)
• specific area lighting
Parts, Construction and Materials
The Lumiglas USL08LED-EX light has the following construction specifications:
• Luminaire body: Corrosion resistant die cast aluminum, G-Al Si 10 Mg
• Brackets: Die cast Aluminum, G-Al Si 10 Mg
• Gaskets: Silicone rubber o-rings
• Weight: 8.9 lb. (4 Kg)
*Also available for sanitary clamp connections which use the Metaglas® MetaClamp® technology.