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M2003 Series Smart Manometer

Altimeter/indicated air speed tester used for testing and calibration of altimeter and air speed instruments

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Our Meriam brand Altimeter/Indicated Air Speed Tester is used for testing and calibration of altimeter and air speed instruments. It accurately measures pressure from 0 to 30 psi or 0 to 100 psi relative to absolute zero.

In Pressure mode, the M2003 displays pressure in a variety of Customary and SI measurement units. Selecting the ALT or IAS switches the M2003 to Altitude mode for us in checking altimeter instrumentation. Customary or SI measurement units for Altitude and Indicated Air Speed are selectable by the customer.

A time leak test function is standard for Pressure mode. Customers set the test period and the test. The M2003 displays Minimum, Maximum, and Live Measurements. The leak rate per minute upon completion.

• Altitude displayed in feet or meters
• Indicated Air Speed in MPH, KNOTS, KM/H
• Corrections for Altitude and Sea Level
• Backlight and 4 levels: Off, Low, Med, High
• Battery charge display (0 to 100%)
• Min/Max pressure capture
• RTD (Temperature) accessory sensor option with MTS
• Compound, Absolute, and Differential pressure sensors – available with optional MTS
• Protective red boot
• Optional pressure fittings and hand pump kit

Altitude ▪ -2000.0 ft to 36,000 ft
▪ -609.6 m to 10972.8 m
Indicated Air Speed ▪ 0 knots to 660 knots
▪ 0 to 760 mph
▪ 0 km/h to 1223 km/h
Pressure Accuracy ▪ 0.020% Full Scale + 0.005% of Reading
Pressure Ranges (Select One) Non-Isolated:

▪ Compatible with clean, dry, non-corrosive, gas media
0 to 30 psi and 0 to 100 psi Absolute
Additional ranges available with MTS

Media Isolated:

Media compatible with 316SS
0 to 30, 100 psi Absolute
Additional ranges available with MTS
Measurement Units ▪ Offering over 30 measurement units including psi, kPa, mmHg, inH₂O, mbar, and user defined
units - available with optional MTS
Display Resolution ▪ Up to 6 digits depending on pressure units
Temperature Specifications ▪ Storage: 20 C to 70 C (4 F to 158 F)
▪ Operating: 10 C to 50 C (14 F to 122 F)
Dimension With Boot ▪ Length 9.8 in (248.9 mm) from manifold to end of boot
▪ Width 5.2 in (132.1 mm) at widest point with boot
▪ Thickness 2.3 in (58.4 mm)
Connections ▪ 1/8 Female NPT 316SS USB
▪ Meriam Tethered Sensor (MTS) Port
Power ▪ 4 AA batteries
MTS RTD Specifications Temperature Probe Accuracy
IEC 60751 PT100 class A
Tolerance = (0.15 + 0.002 |t|) C
Probe measurement range: -50 C to 250 C