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MOD-PD2LRHB1 Red Light / Horn / Reset Button

A red light, horn and reset button mounted & wired to Helios

$450.00 CAD
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks

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Meter Not Included

This item must be purchased with a Helios meter with relays option (PD2-xxxx-xH7), to which the modification will be applied.

This modification will add a red light with horn and a reset button to a Helios large display meter. The red light is programmable to flash or stay steady on and includes a built-in 85 dB horn. The light and horn can be controlled independently of each other via separate relays when hooked up to a device such as a ProVu digital process meter from Precision Digital. The horn can be programmed to silence via a button mounted to the Helios wiring compartment door and the light can be programmed to stay on until the alarm clears.

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