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MPG2000BBL Intrinsically Safe Digital Pressure Gauge

Min/Max intrinsically safe battery powered digital pressure gauges, 0.25% accuracy

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Meriam MPG2000BBL series digital pressure gauges successfully address the modern demands of process pressure measurement in hazardous locations. Standard features include min/max capture, zeroing on gauge reference ranges, selectable engineering units, pass code protection, adjustable display shutoff time, field recalibration and a ruggedized all-metal housing. Typical applications are instrumentation and control in the process industries, hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial gases, and OEM applications.

• Selectable units, Min/Max, shutoff time
• Easy keypad setup and zero
• ±0.25% test gauge accuracy
• 316L stainless steel sensor
• All metal housing

Accuracy (Includes linearity, hysteresis, repeatability) Standard: 0.25% of full scale 1 least significant digit
HA option: 0.1% FS 1 LSD (see table for availability)
Display 3 readings per second nominal display update rate
4 digit LCD, 0.5" H and 5 character 0.25" H alphanumeric
Red LED backlight
Batteries Two 1.5 V AAA Panasonic LR03 alkaline cells
Approx. 150 to 1000 hours depending on backlight usage
Low battery symbol on display
Controls and Functions Center button turns gauge on or off, hold to zero gauge reference models, activate backlighting for 1 min. if low light detected, cycle through min/max functions.
Auto Shutoff Default 5 minutes. Selectable 1 minute to 8 hrs or on/off.
Min/ Max Memory Min/max can be user configured to be individually enabled or disabled, saved or cleared at power off
Pass Code Protected Calibration Non-interactive zero, span, and linearity, 10% of range
Overpressure, Burst, Vacuum 2 X pressure range for 3 psi to 2000 psi sensors
5000 psig for ranges using 3000 psig sensor
7500 psig for ranges using 5000 psig sensor
Over-range and under-range display warnings
Vacuum service: 15 psig, 15 psia, 30 psia, 100 psig, 100 psia, 200 psig
Burst: 4 X pressure rating or 10,000 psi, whichever is less
Weight 9 ounces (approx.), shipping wt. 1 pound (approx.)
Housing Materials and Circuit Board Protection Epoxy powder coated aluminum case, rear cover, and bezel. Rubber gaskets, polycarbonate label. Reinforced sensor area. Moisture resistant circuit board coating.
Connection and Material 1/4" NPT male fitting, 316L stainless steel wetted parts
Temperature Ranges Compensated: 32 to 158F (0 to 70C)
Storage: 40 to 203F (40 to 95C)
Operating: 40 to 180F (40 to 82C)
Approvals Factory Mutual Approved Intrinsically Safe for
Hazardous Locations USA & Canada
Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
T3C Ta = 40 to 82C; T4 Ta = 40 to 66C,
CL I Zone 0 AEx/Ex ia IIC
T3 Ta = 40 to 82C; T4 Ta = 40 to 66C