` MS Advanced Semi-Micro Balances

Mettler Toledo

MS Advanced Semi-Micro Balances

Provides fast settling times and consistently reliable results, 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg

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When you need great performance and durability, Mettler Toledo's MS105, MS105DU or the MS202DU Advanced Level Balances are the right choice.

The Advanced Level Balances offer high weighing performance and intuitive operations thanks to our renowned MonoBloc weighing cell with FACT automatic internal adjustment, the guided LevelControl system, the high-resolution color touch screen with graphic rendering capability and up to 11 easy-to-use applications.

Precise Results

For consistently accurate results, FACT automatic temperature controlled adjustment uses 2 internal weights to test for sensitivity and non-linearity.

Efficient Handling

Work faster and more ergonomically by opening the draft shield ErgoDoor with one hand whilst simultaneously placing your sample with the other.

Space Saving

The draft shield doors do not project beyond the balance and the interface ports are mounted sideways to make best use of your valuable workspace.

• Capacity up to 220g
  - Readability down to 0.01 mg
• Minimum weight down to 30 mg
  - USP minimum weight down to 30 mg
• Precise and efficient
  - The high-precision weighing cell provides great weighing performance whilst smart features simplify your daily tasks
• Smart door opening
  - Save time and work more ergonomically by opening the opposite door with one hand and dosing your sample with the other
• Easy data transfer
  - Eliminate manual data recording by transferring data and results via the multiple connectivity options: USB, RS232 and optional Bluetooth