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MS-L Advanced Precision Balances (Toploading)

Fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled internal adjustment (FACT) and proven MonoBloc weighing technology

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MS-L Precision Balances mean no more compromises between sample size and weighing precision.

With fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled internal adjustment (FACT) and robust MonoBloc high-performance weighing cell, you can be assured of strong performance, high accuracy and fast settling times to help increase your productivity.

• Large weighing platform is very convenient for totalization tasks with larger quantities of ingredients
• High Contrast Display with big numbers, clear symbols and an intuitive menu enables users to operate the MS-L Precision Balances quickly and easily
• Tough metal housing and extreme overload protection of more than 100 kg safeguard your balance when working with heavy samples
• Large weighing pan provides a stable surface for the weighing of bulky items
• Weighing pan and balance housing are resistant to the harshest of chemicals, including acetone, and help ensure a long balance lifetime
• Surfaces of MS-L Precision Balances are smooth and rounded to make cleaning easy, and save time and effort
• Easy data transfer - seamless processes with a Bluetooth option and 2 interfaces (USB, RS232) which enable easy connection to a PC or peripheral device like printer or barcode reader

• Capacity up to 32.2 kg
  - Readability down to 0.1 g
• Overload protection
  - Chemically resistant, full metal housing
• Weigh large items easily
  - Weighing bulky samples and using large sample containers is convenient and easy. The integrated groove keeps cylinders in position.
• Easy data transfer
  - Eliminate manual data recording by transferring data and results via the multiple connectivity options: USB, RS232 and optional Bluetooth.
• Easy to clean
  - Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make these balances quick and easy to clean – save time and prevent cross-contamination.