` MS-TS Advanced Analytical Balances

Mettler Toledo

MS-TS Advanced Analytical Balances

Reliable, intuitive and robust balances with capacity from 120 g to 320 g, readability 0.1 mg

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Robust MS-TS analytical balances deliver fast, precise and reliable results with both lab and quality-control application support. Intuitive to operate with a large touchscreen, easy-clean MS-TS balances bring a new level of comfort to your daily weighing tasks. Moreover, results can be easily transferred wherever needed thanks to future-proof connectivity and data-management functionalities.

Trusted Results at Your Fingertips

MS-TS balances are reassuringly easy to use and fully support lean processes in the laboratory and on the factory floor.

•  Large color touchscreen – comfortable operation
•  Built-in applications – simplified processes
•  Warning functions – valid results

Weighing Data Handling Made Easy

EasyDirect Balance Software

• Collect weighing data from up to 10 balances via Ethernet or RS232
• Minimize manual transcription errors, save time and store data securely
• Easily review results, generate simple and clear reports, and export manually or automatically data in various formats (XML, CSV, XLSX or PDF)

Optimized Display Makes Daily Tasks Easier

The 7" extra-large color TFT touchscreen display is operable through cotton, silicone and latex gloves. An intuitive user interface and 18 mm high digits bring comfort to your daily tasks.

Get Connected for Easy Data Management

LAN, USB Host, USB Device, RS232 and optional WLAN/Bluetooth interfaces enable simple and comprehensive data handling. Transfer data to PC, FTP server, USB memory sticks or printer, including comprehensive PDF reports and XML files.

Increase Your Productivity with Convenient Applications and Easy-to-Read Graphics

11 built-in applications, including differential weighing, density determination and formulation, guide you step by step through your weighing procedures, support you with data management and help improve process security.  Evaluate your results easily with the statistics function and on-screen charts.

Metal Housing Ensures Long Balance Lifetime

The full metal body not only protects the weighing cell from environmental influences and impacts, it is also resistant to harsh chemicals including acetone to help assure a long balance lifetime.

User Management Options to Customize Access Rights and Improve Productivity

Customization of user access rights simplifies balance operation. Users have access only to the functions and applications they need to carry out their tasks, preventing errors and improving productivity. In addition, results are traceable to individual users.

Easy-Cleaning Features Save Time and Effort

The QuickLock draft shield dismantles in seconds without any tools and all parts are dishwasher proof. Surfaces are smooth and rounded to make cleaning easy.


• Capacity up to 320 g
  - Readability down to 0.1 mg
• Reliable and robust
  - A high-precision MonoBloc weighing cell and chemically resistant full metal housing create outstanding durability, even in harsh environments
• Intuitive operation with large touchscreen
  - The large color touchscreen and 11 intuitive applications with user guidance make routine weighing tasks simple and efficient
• Fast and flexible connectivity
  - LAN, USB, RS232 and optional WLAN / Bluetooth enable easy connection to a PC, IT system and peripheral devices
• Advanced data management
  - Save, print and export results and associated weighing data as PDF, XML, CSV or TXT file
• Easy-to-clean
  - Dismantle the QuickLock draft shield and MS-TS glass panels quickly without tools, while smooth surfaces allow for easy wipe-down.