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OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter

A 2 wire in-line oxygen transmitter with 4-20mA output and 5 ranges

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4-20 mA Loop Powered Two Wire Oxygen Transmitter

The Edgetech Instruments Model OxyTrans is an easy to use, accurate and economical way to measure Oxygen at trace and % levels. A simple display and one point calibration allows for a quick start of the instrument.

Measuring Range

The unit will offer ranges between 0-100ppm, 0-1,000ppm, 0-10,000ppm of oxygen. 0-1% to 0-25% O2.


The OxyTrans uses a special fuel cell to measure the oxygen concentration. The sensor meets the industrial requirements for accuracy, sensitivity, easy to use and operating life.

• A 2 wire explosion-proof in-line oxygen transmitter
• 4-20mA output
• Display: 6 digit alphanumeric with bar graph
• 5 ranges offered: 0-100 ppm, 0-1,000 ppm, 0-10,000 ppm, 0-1%, 0-25%
• Oxygen sensor: a micro fuel cell
• Easy, accessible potentiometer

Measuring Ranges O2 PPM Range: 0-100ppm
% O2 Range: 0-1%, 0-25%
Calibration With calibrated gas, air
Accuracy 2% FSD T = constant
5% FSD 0>T>50C
Resolution 0.1 ppm at 0-100 ppm
1 ppm at 0-1,000; 0-10,000 ppm
Response Time 90% FSD at 25C
0-10 ppm < 45 s
0-100 ppm < 20 s
0-1,000 ppm < 10 s
Operating Temperature:
0 - 50C
Pressure 0.1 - 1 bar
Signal Output 4 - 20 mA/DC
Alarm Value 3.8 mA (Standard) or
23mA (if desired)
Voltage 10 - 35 VDC
Load Range 100 to 750 ohm
Typ. 470 ohm
Display 6 Digits, alphanumeric with bar graph
Oxygen Sensors Micro-Fuel Cell
Housing IP65
Dimensions 120mm x 160mm x 65mm (L X H X W)
4.7 x 6.3 x 2.5
Weight 1.2kg (206lb)
Typical Different Sensors Available
5 Different Ranges
316 SS Stainless Steel Cell Bl

• Semi Conductor Industry
• Gas Manufacturers
• Metallurgical Industries
• Chemical Industry
• Heat Treating and Bright Annealing
• Hydrogen / Flammable Gas

Micro-fuel cell only for CO2 and Oxidizer background gas
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks
$651.00 CAD
Micro-fuel cell for % or ppm range
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks
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$577.00 CAD
Compact, self-contained unit, which draws a regulated sample gas flow through the chilled mirror sensor.
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks
$1,078.00 CAD
Stainless steel sintered filter, 30 microns with fittings
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks
$315.00 CAD
Rugged portable foam padded carrying case for transporting the control module
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks
$539.00 CAD