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PD570 Nova Limit Controller

1/16 and 1/4 DIN, accepts thermocouple, RTD, and voltage inputs, and it can be easily configured for a 4-20 mA input

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The Nova PD570 is a digital limit controller that accepts a wide variety of process and temperature inputs and is available in 1/16 and 1/4 DIN sizes. Its universal input accepts thermocouple, RTD, and voltage inputs, and it can be easily configured for a 4-20 mA input. It features a latching relays, an alarm relay, and an RS485 serial communication option which includes protocols for master/slave set point control, Modbus® ASCII and RTU, as well as PC software.


• Thermocouple, RTD, & Process Input
• Universal Power Supply 100-240 VAC
• Latching Relay High or Low Limit Control
• 1 Latching Relay & 1 Alarm Relay
• Retransmitting 4-20 mA Output
• RS-485 Serial Communications Option
• Modbus® RTU/ASCII Communications
• Free Operating & Data Logging Software
• IP55 & IP65 Fronts
• 1/16 & 1/4 DIN Sizes
• 3 Year Warranty

Display Dual 4 digits, red LED, -1999 to 9999
1/16 DIN: 0.45 in (11.3 mm) PV Display; 0.37 in (9.5 mm) SP Display; 7.0 oz. (198 g Weight)
1/4 DIN: 0.81 in (20.5 mm) PV Display; 0.43 in (11.0 mm) SP Display; 13.9 oz. (394 g ) Weight
Front Panel Panel gasket provided.
1/16 DIN: IP65
1/4 DIN: IP55
Programming Methods Four front panel buttons and Modbus
Noise Filter Programmable 1 to 120 seconds, or off
Display Update Rate 4/second
Max/Min Display Stored until reset by user or meter is turned off.
Password Restricts modification of programmed settings.
Non-Volatile Memory Settings stored for a minimum of 10 years
Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 W
Required Fuse UL Recognized, 1 A, 250 V, slow-blow
Isolation 2300 V input/output-to-power line; 4 kV relay output-to-input/output/power line.
Operating Temperature 10 to 50C
Storage Temperature 40 to 85C
Relative Humidity 20 to 90% non-condensing
Enclosure 1/8 & 1/4 DIN available; impact-resistant plastic; color: black
UL File Number E244207; Process Control Equipment
Approvals UL & C-UL Recognized, CE Compliant
Warranty 3 years parts & labor

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