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PD6830 ProtEX-RTP Explosion-Proof Pulse Input Flow Rate/...

Displays flow rate and total from a pulse output flowmeter, standard backlight, approved for hazardous areas

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The ProtEX-RTP PD6830 is an explosion-proof flow rate/totalizer that can display flow rate and total from a pulse output flowmeter. Its display has a five digit upper line for rate, a seven alpha-numeric character lower line for total, and comes standard with a backlight. Like all ProtEX products, the PD6830 carries FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approvals for use in hazardous areas. It can be powered from an included battery or a 24 VDC external power supply. Some features that really make the PD6830 flow rate/totalizer stand out are its automatic unit conversions from flowmeter k-factor units, ability to log up to 1024 data points, and SafeTouch® through-glass buttons. These buttons allow the PD6830 to be programmed and operated through the glass, thus eliminating the need to remove the cover in a hazardous area.


• Automatic Rate, Total, and Grand Total Unit Conversions
• On-Board Data Logging
• Modbus Communications RS-485 Option
• All models Operates from -40 to 75°C
• Two Isolated Open Collector Pulse Outputs, Up to 5 kHz
• Open Collector, NPN, PNP, TTL, Switch Contact, Sine Wave (Coil), Square Wave, Opto-Isolated Inputs
• Explosion-Proof, IP68, NEMA 4X Enclosure
• Isolated 4-20 mA Output for Rate, Total, or Grand Total
• Battery, DC, or Output Loop-Powered Models

Display Top: Five digits (0 to 99,999), 0.7" (17.8 mm) high, 7-segment, automatic lead zero blanking. Bottom: Seven characters, 0.4" (10.2 mm) high, 14-segment automatic lead zero blanking. Symbols: Total, grand total, battery power/low battery, high & low alarm, password lock, and SafeTouch button sleep mode/disable.
Display Assignment Top Display: Rate or total; Bottom Display: Combinations of rate, total, grand total, units, and custom tag.
Backlight White LED, 10 sec auto-off when battery powered. Backlight deactivated below temperature ≈ -20C
Display Update Rate Ambient > -20C: 1 Update/Second. Ambient < -20C: 1 Update/10 Seconds.
Note: Update is dependent on gate settings.
Display Orientation Display may be mounted at 90 increments up to 270 from default orientation
Over Range Display flashes 99,999
Programming Method Four SafeTouch through-glass buttons when cover is installed. Four internal push buttons when cover is removed.
Recalibration Calibrated at the factory to read frequency in Hz. No recalibration required.
Max/Min Display Max/Min readings reached by the process are stored until reset by the user or until power to the meter is cycled.
Password Menu Options Three programmable password selections can be used for the following: restrict modification of settings, prevent resetting the total or grand total without the password, or permanently lock out the ability to change or reset the grand total or any grand total related settings(making a non-resettable grand total).
Pass: Restricts modifications of programmed settings to require re-entering the password to make changes.
Pass T: Restricts the reset of total to require re-entering the password. Disables the manual mode reset contact.
Pass GT: Restricts the reset of grand total to require re-entering the password. May enable a non-resettable grand total and permanent lockout of grand total-related settings with a specific password.
Alarm Indication Flashing display plus HI/LO indicators for rate alarms, SET for total alarms
Non-Volatile Memory All programmed settings and total are stored in nonvolatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
Power Options 9-30 VDC, 2.2 W max; 4-20 mA Output Powered, 30 VDC max; battery power; 9-30 VDC power with battery backup; 4-20 mA Output Powered with Battery Backup.
Battery 3.6 V Primary Lithium (Li-SOCl2), non-rechargeable Model PDABAT36C. Expected service life & recommended replacement interval is dependant on the operating conditions.
Isolation All models: 500 V opto-isolated input-to-power/output with isolated input enabled.
PD6830-APA: 500 V input/power-to-output
PD6830-BMA: 500 V input/power-to-output
PD6830-BTA: 500 V input-to-output.
Note: Requires separate output supply
Data Logging Up to 1024 records, recorded 4/day at specific times or at defined time intervals. Record contains date, time, rate, total, grand total, and log number.
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 75C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 75C
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Connections Screw terminals accept 12 to 22 AWG wire
Enclosure Explosion-proof die-cast aluminum with glass window, corrosion resistant epoxy coating, color: blue. NEMA 4X IP68. Copper-free (0.3%). Three " NPT threaded conduit openings. One " NPT metal plug with 12 mm hex key fitting installed.
Mounting May be mounted directly to conduit. Two slotted flanges for wall mounting or NPS 1" to 2" or DN 40 to 65 mm pipe mounting.
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 5.67" x 5.24" x 4.88" (144 mm x 133 mm x 124 mm)
Weight 5.00 lbs (80 oz, 2.27 kg)
Warranty 3 years parts and labor

PDA0001 Reducer for the PD68XX
3/4" M-NPT to F-M20 Reducer for the PD68XX
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$37.50 CAD
PDA0002 Reducer for the PD68XX
3/4" M-NPT to 1/2" F-NPT Approved Reducer for the PD68XX
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$37.50 CAD
PDA6846 Pipe Mounting Kit
Pipe mounting kit for ProtEX
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
Starting At
$15.00 CAD
PDA8068 Serial Adapter
USB Serial Adapter for PD6830 & PD6730
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$123.00 CAD
PDABAT36C Approved Replacement Battery
Approved replacement 3.6 V C-Cell lithium battery
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$67.50 CAD
PDABAT36D Replacement Battery
Approved replacement 3.6 V d-cell lithium battery
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$90.00 CAD
PDAPLUG75 Stopping Plug
3/4" NPT 316 stainless steel stopping plug with approvals
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$30.00 CAD