` PDW90 Point to Mulit-Point Wireless System

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PDW90 Point to Mulit-Point Wireless System

Consists of field units (up to 32) that accept 4-20 mA signals and transmits them wirelessly to a base station

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In its most basic form, the PDW90 consists of field units (up to 32) that accept 4-20 mA signals and transmits them wirelessly to a base station. The primary advantage of this system is how simple and economical it is to get multiple signals (not just 4-20 mA, also discrete (digital) and Modbus) from where you have them to where you need them – all without having to run wires!
The wireless communication between the field units and the base station is bi-directional. That means you can send 4-20 mA, discrete and Modbus signals from the field units to the base station and also send completely different 4-20 mA, discrete and Modbus signals from the base station to the field units. For instance, the field unit could send a 4-20 mA signal to the base station corresponding to the level in a tank and the base station could send a 4-20 mA sig-nal to the field unit to control a valve.
Field units are also equipped with four digital I/O that can each be independently programmed as an input or an output. A Loss of Signal warning is also available by connecting devices to the G and LS screw terminals.
To indicate alarm situations in the field, the field unit can be equipped with an optional, field installable, two relays module. These relays are rated Form A (SPST) 5A and are controlled by the digital outputs on the base station.
The base stations are available in configurations for 2, 6, or 16 I/O slots for a variety of field installable I/O modules. The available I/O modules are:
Dual Analog Input
Dual Analog Output
Dual Relay Output
Four Digital I/O
The specified range between the base station and field units is 1 mile line-of-sight outdoor and 500 feet indoor and repeaters are available to extend the range. A low-cost wireless survey tool, Model PDA10, is available to test the signal strength of your application before you buy.

• Signal Wire Replacement System Consisting of Wireless Base Station and Field Units
• Wireless Point to Multi-Point Signal Wire Replacement for up to 32 4-20 mA Signals
• Range: 1 Mile Line-of-Sight Outdoor, 500 Feet Indoor; Repeaters Available to Extend Range
• Wireless Transmission Between Base Station and any Field Unit of
◦ 4-20 mA (Separate Signals to and from Base Station))
◦ Discrete (4 digital I/O Signals to and from Base Station))
◦ RS-485 Modbus
• Inputs: (Wired to Field Units) 4-20 mA or 0-10 V (1), Discrete/Digital (up to 4), Modbus
• Outputs: (Wired to Field Units) 4-20 mA (1), Discrete/Digital (up to 4), Relays (2, opt), Modbus
• Base Station I/O Modules for 4-20 mA Inputs, 4-20 mA Outputs, Relay Outputs, Digital I/O
• Base Stations with slots for 2, 6, or 16 Field Installable I/O Modules and Modbus
• Loss of Signal (LoS) Digital Output
• PDA10 Signal Strength Survey Tool to "Try Before You Buy"
• Simple to Configure Using PDW Manager Programming Software and On-Board USB
• Device Communication Secured by Enabling 128-bit AES Encryption
• Password Protection
• Remote Yagi Directional Antennas Available
• Base Stations Housed in Plastic NEMA 4X Field Enclosures
• Field Units Available in IP68, NEMA 4X Aluminum & Stainless Steel Enclosures
• Field Unit Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 75°C (-67 to 167°F)
• PCBs are Conformal Coated for Dust & Humidity Protection
• Power: 9-30 VDC, Base Station & Field Units
• 3-Year Warranty