` PHE Strip Chart Recorder

Fuji Electric

PHE Strip Chart Recorder

100mm Inkjet strip chart recorder features 1- or 2-channels

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The Fuji Electric PHE strip chart recorder suilt with polymer plastic mold technology to make them lightweight and durable. The unit offers the latest in low-cost inkjet recording with the series of 100mm inkjet PHE strip chart recorders.

The PHE Recorder has many useful features. Available in one or two channel recording, the PHE Recorder offers continuous analog trending on the same axis which eliminates the phase shift syndrome exhibited by conventional pen recorders. In addition, the PHE Recorder has the ability to digitally print periodic data, scale line, alarm condition, burnout, and parameters.

Featuring an affordable inkjet print mechanism, the PHE Recorder prints crisp, no-smudge characters without physically contacting the paper. This printhead sprays the ink in tiny dots to create a trace in vivid colors for one or two channel continuous recording. Utilizing a piezoelectric element, the PHE Recorder creates stunning reports and print quality for the same price as a pen recorder.

While analog pen recorders have many moving parts and frequently require maintenance and repairs in order to keep them in working condition, PHE Recorders are extremely reliable and will give you years of trouble-free operation because they have a third of the parts of conventional strip chart recorders. If that's not enough, the PHE Recorder is backed by a three-year warranty.

So, if you're looking for an economical recorder that offers many of the features found in higher-priced instruments, look no further than the PHE Recorder.

• Inkjet printing
• Low-cost
• One- or two-channel continuous trace
• Continuous analog trending on the same axis
• Many digital printing capabilities
• Lightweight and durable
• Many features
• Three-year manufacturing warranty

• Brewing
• Cryogenics

Universal recorder ink head for the Fuji Electric PHA, PHC and PHE strip-chart recorders
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$271.00 CAD
6 packs of 180mm chart paper for Fuji's PHA strip chart recorder
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$186.00 CAD